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Custom Closets by Bryan

As I’ve mentioned before, Bryan’s done a lot of small improvements on our house.  He has optimized storage in the tool shed by adding shelving and making the most of the vertical space.  He’s also sanded down doors and replaced hinges to make sure that all of the doors close properly and don’t stick with the wild temperature fluctuations we have in north Texas.

One of the bigger projects that I’ve had on the list is tackling the master bedroom walk-in closet.  The hanger rods were all hung at eye level, which left a lot of empty unused space above and below our clothes.  In addition, because whoever put together the closet didn’t brace things properly, the rod and shelf on Bryan’s side of the closet was sagging.  We have two dressers in the bedroom but Bryan kept his jeans stacked on the top shelf in the closet, which was messy and also not the most efficient use of space.

After fiddling around on pinterest, I found an easy and CHEAP solution that added height to the back wall of the …

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