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EOW No. 17

We've made it halfway through January in one piece!  That seems more and more like something we should celebrate, particularly in 2022 and as we're still stuck in the grips of an unceasing global pandemic.  Are y'all healthy / anxious / tired / hopeful?  Amazingly, we are still going to the office in person, despite over a quarter of the employees being out due to COVID or COVID exposure.   In more fun news, after living in our house for over three years we decided to finally start filling out the extra bedroom in our house, instead of just piling it full of boxes and Bryan's miscellaneous tools.  Our house has three bedrooms and we already use one as a guestroom, so this room has become a bonus room.  Over the holidays, we moved a bookshelf into the room and set up the tv, which has been sitting in the room unused for the past two years.  I had a spare lounge chair and side table that we also moved to the room and voila, the room is half-ish done.  What I never noticed

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