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A horsey update

Seeing as to how we still have another two months of hot weather, it feels a little provocative to say WE SURVIVED THE SUMMER but we did it!  All the horses are in one piece and we had neither a colic nor an abscess episode, which Mae is known for pulling around this time of year. The last time I posted about riding (mid-July?), both horses were thriving under their respective workouts with both myself and trainer.  Mae put on all of the weight that she lost over the winter and looks fantastic.  She feels good and is an absolute joy to ride.  Dalton put on a TON of weight and is finally starting to look like a real horse.  Then in mid-August, we hit a slump.  Or to be more accurate, Dalton hit a slump.   August is a rough month in Texas.  It feels like it's been summer / hot / sweaty for ages, and there's no end in sight.  Add to it the fact that we hadn't gotten rain since April, and everything was dry and dusty.  As a result, Dalton took a mental break.  He didn't wan

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