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EOW No. 29

wow this is fun Hello hello and Happy Septembering! I feel like I’ve been bouncing all over the last few weeks - summer was devoid of travel mainly because I knew that I’d get more than my fair share this fall.  At the end of August, Bryan and I were able to escape the smothering heat to attend a wedding in Michigan as well as visit with his family.  The temps were in the 70s and it felt like the entire state had turned on the AC.  Everything was green, his brother’s garden was bursting with tomatoes, and it was in the 50s in the morning.  It was akin to visiting a completely different planet.  Bryan has spoken many times about renting a short-term place in Michigan for the summer as a getaway from the heat.  If only I could pick up the horses and transport everyone there for June - August.   A few weeks ago, Bryan’s brother and sister-in-law had their first baby, and it was really nice to be able to see them and meet the newest member of the family.  Mom and baby are both doing well,

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