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Injury Report

As I tap away on my laptop, belatedly typing up this week’s blog post, a reluctantly resting dog lays at my feet.  “Reluctant” was the theme of this past week and one of the mental states that I continue to wrestle with.  Be forewarned, this post will be littered with quotation marks. 

Earlier this week, my dad experienced what we believe to be a ministroke.  In the middle of speaking to my mom at home that evening, his speech suddenly became garbled and he said it felt like he had no control over his tongue.  They did not go to the emergency room and the next day, he was back to “95% recovered” (his words, not mine).  My parents did go see their acupuncturist, however even after my and my sister’s insistence, my dad still hasn’t made an appointment with a doctor / specialist. 

My parents have a complicated relationship with “Western Medicine” (their words, not mine), acknowledging that its intervention was necessary in the case of my mom’s faulty heart valve but eschewing it otherwis…

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