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EOW No. 11

To think I forgot about my End of the Week posts from before the world fell apart!  It feels like a terribly long time ago that I last wrote one of these.  In spite of everything, we are at yet another weekend (thank goodness).  I am grateful to live in a world where weekends keep coming, regardless of what the week throws at them.

I was able to get to the barn again on Wednesday night.  Everything felt a lot more comfortable this time compared to last week.  We did some sitting / no stirrup trotting, which was much more manageable than trying to post.  Walking is also a lot easier now and my foot is less and less swollen every day. 

Since we’ve arranged the home office with the new desk position, I haven’t had the best sitting posture in the kitchen chair I’m using.  I tweaked my neck / back and it’s taken me the full week for it to feel sort of back to normal again.  I’ve been on the hunt for a new non-ugly desk chair and found the regular furniture stores to be lacking in that depa…

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