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New year, same me and that's okay

Hi all and happy 2021!  I'm going to continue wishing everyone a happy new year until the optimism about a fresh start dies (so probably in a week or two).  I hope y'all had a lovely holiday season and everyone was able to safely celebrate Hanukkah / birthdays / Christmas. Bryan and I had a COVID scare in mid-December (his work), and for a few days, we were planning on self-isolating for the holidays.  Luckily we both ended up testing negative multiple times, although I did fantasize about spending the holidays very quietly with just the two of us with a few good books.  During the holiday "break", we were able to visit my dad twice, host a few dinners for immediate family, and sleep in a few mornings.  All in all, I'm not sure you could ask for more out of a holiday break except for it to be longer. At the end of the year, we were keeping busy with small, silly things.  I'm not of a TV show person but in December, between Bryan, my sister, and her husband, we

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