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EOW No. 25

Just when I was starting to tell everyone what nice weather we've been having in north Texas for this time of year, we have had two major storms blow through, with tornado sirens blaring for a full 20 minutes telling everyone to seek shelter each time.  We went from mid 70 temperatures yesterday back into the 30s today.  Of course, I just got back from the UK where it was SNOWING (in March!).  However, my allergies and the trash can full of used tissues are telling me it's spring. Spring is birthday season - there's lots of family to be celebrated and a surfeit of cake and presents. Spring is shedding season for all of the animals - there are clumps of hair coming off both horses and a white shower of dog hair all around the house. Spring is when the year still feels like a bucketful of promises - places to go and people to see.  Just the promise is enough to get us on our feet and outside, despite the weather. I hope y'all have been having a sane spring, despite the cr

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