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EOW No. 14 (sorta)

By now, y'all know how things go - an end of the week blogpost becomes a beginning of the next week blogpost.  Spring is trying so desperately to spring.  Bryan's parents made their annual snowbird migration down to Texas and are now safely ensconced in the warmth and humidity of Padre Island.  They typically spend more time with us in Dallas, but this year waiting to get both COVID shots delayed their travel plans.  Also on that note, I'm excited hearing about more people getting the vaccines.  My mom got her first shot a few weeks ago and we'll be taking her to get her second one soon.  Work is making rumblings about going back into the office, which I am NOT excited about hearing. While Bryan's parents were here, Bryan and his dad completed one house project that I've been talking about for two years - installing a chandelier over the dining room table.  There's no existing light fixture there so they had to the run the electrical themselves.  I was convi

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