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It's May and the magnolia tree in the front lawn is blooming. The winter Texans (Bryan's parents) have come and gone and my dad is home after a long, long journey bouncing through hospitals and rehab facilities.  Almost half of a year has slipped through my fingers, yet it seems as though we've only just begun.   The month of April was consumed with preparing the house and the household for my dad's return.  We renovated the entire main bathroom for wheelchair accessibility, as well as made both main bedroom closets more accessible and functional.  The renovation took a lot longer than expected (they always do), the mess was a lot larger than expected (an entire dumpster in our driveway), and my mom had a lot more anxiety about the entire project than expected.  Final result?  My dad now has a wheel-up vanity and a wheel-in shower, big enough to fit four people.  Even with these modifications, my mom and the caregiver are still struggling with wheelchair to bed / chair

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