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2019 Dog Gift Guide

Over the last three years, we have very quickly turned into a family of dogs.  There’s my sister’s dog Pudge in Oregon, Bryan’s parents’ dog Coda back at his home, Bryan’s brother’s dog Ruger in Grand Rapids, and then our dog Bowie the Texan.  That means a lot of pet Christmas shopping, which let’s be honest, is the best kind of Christmas shopping.  I’ve put together a short list of what I think some of the best doggy Christmas gifts are this season for both canine and owner.

ChuckIt Ball

Unsupervised, Bowie can tear up a baseball in less than an hour and destroy a tennis ball in less than 15 minutes.  On a whim, Bryan bought him this ChuckIt ball from Hollywood Feed and despite his best efforts, Bowie hasn’t been able to destroy the large version yet (the medium version that we found at the park is now mangled).  This means more time to chase it around the backyard and play his favourite game of snatching it out of midair.  I recently found one with a squeaker that I ordered for him …

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