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Day 3: No power

If you haven’t heard about it on the news already, we had a killer storm - a microburst - blow through on Sunday afternoon out of the blue.  Bryan was on a day trip to Arkansas and we didn’t even get a notification that it was going to rain that day.  I was at my parents’ house, 20 minutes north of where we live, when the skies suddenly darkened and the winds picked up.  We pulled the dog inside from the yard and within five minutes, the house was getting hammered with severe wind and rain.  With the winds howling like they were, I certainly thought that there was going to be a tornado watch, but it was “only” a severe thunderstorm warning.  Watching the weather from a state over, Bryan told us that the storm was supposed to be over at around 2:30 pm, so around that time, despite the rain, Bowie and I made a mad dash for the car and started heading home.  There was flash flooding and water built up on all of the roads but we powered through it only to get stuck in a traffic stand stil…

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