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There's good news out there

Although the last few weeks have been tough / rough, it feels as though we have had a few breakthroughs and when you add them up, they lead to solid progress.  Everyone is slowly adjusting to the new normal, with my sister and her husband settling into my parents' house with the dogs and my mom slowly recovering her rest. The family dogs Guess what?  This week we finally replaced the carpet in my parents' house!  It only took 30-something years (the carpet is older than that) and for my Dad to be hospitalized.  One of my parents' friends is a general contractor and owns a construction business.  He took it upon himself to pressure my mom to update some parts of the house before my dad gets home.  The house has barely been updated since they moved into it over 30 years ago, and it is time for some things to be brought up to the current decade.  Quite honestly, he had mentioned it to my dad years ago but my dad had just brushed him off.  My mom agonized about the carpet instal…

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