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Home for a year

How are we back so quickly from another trip around the sun?!  I feel the need to document these milestones before they fly by and I've moved on to ruminating over something else.  As of this month, we have lived in our house for an entire year. 

Honestly before buying the house, I had been quite apprehensive about home ownership for some time.  I wasn’t sure I was prepared for the responsibilities of owning (vs renting) and was slightly nervous about all of the extra room that we’d have.  I was also pre-dreading (is that something you can do?) doing yard work in the middle of the summer. 

But surprisingly to me, we’ve slipped into home ownership rather seamlessly.  We are all much happier with more room, with a yard, with a quiet neighborhood and kind neighbors on all sides.  We’ve been able to use the space for entertaining - a lot of entertaining.  Our kitchen is the heart of the home and because it is open to both living spaces and dining room, that’s where everyone naturally…

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