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How is it still summer?

"Will this heat ever end?!" asks Dalton probably I don’t know about y’all but this summer has felt like forever.  July seems to have taken up half the year.  It’s probably the interminable heat, the fact that every day seems exactly the same (sun, more sun, and no rain), and the small contributor of not planning ahead and making any vacation plans.  Our vegetable garden in the backyard has stopped producing because of lack of water and the lawn is turning a burnished golden colour.  All those beautiful caprese salads y’all are eating right now?  Apparently in Texas, those are only homegrown meals that happen during the shoulder seasons.  Anyway, it’s still summer and we’re still sweaty so I’m going to keep blogging about random things. Out of sheer boredom, I ordered a mini donut pan off Amazon to bake some donuts.  The thought process goes like this: “I like eating cake donuts. I bet I could bake some cake donuts and then eat most of them.”  Turns out the reason I like cake

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