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Grey skies forever

While middle America is getting pounded by snow, the only thing we have had in Texas is cold rain.  Again.  The colour scheme of January is grey and brown but without the twinkling lights of the holidays.  We pulled all of the holiday decorations during the one sunny day we've had so far this year and now everything seems incredibly bare.  Even the rosemary cone I kept inside for Christmas decided that it's had enough of winter and is slowly in the process of giving up the ghost to the cold and the gloom.

The dog - being the dog - pays no mind to the mud or the cold, splashing wildly in the puddles we find at the park and liberally coating himself with muck.  White dog becomes grey on a daily basis and I mercilessly hose him off outside in the front yard.  Don't worry you worry about him freezing his furry buns, the spoiled brat gets tucked in with a fleece blanket every night in his bed.

The horse is fuzzy, despite our erratic blanketing, her long coat perfect for pickin…

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