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EOW No. 1

These last few weeks I've gotten absolutely horrid about regular posting - via all social media avenues.  There's been so much to share and I've been putting it all off.  Sharing things with large groups of people is overwhelming for me.  "Maybe an end-of-week post will be what gets me back on track" is what the rationale is for this post.  Plus I've seen it executed to successfully on other blogs and it turns into the highlight of what I read every week.  That's my goal on what this turns into. 

Here it goes.

This week, I posted about Rome from our Italy, Part I trip.  It seems like it was all so long ago when it was really only two weeks.  Bryan already wants to go back next year.  If you want a sneak peek of the Florence part of the trip along with some exciting news (which I'll post next week), check out my IG here.

Last night, we had a storm roll in and a massive temperature drop from the 90s to the 40s.  It's as though all of the rain that w…

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