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A little get out of town

Whenever Bryan hears me say “maybe we should think about moving again,” he quickly tries to look up short road trips that we can do from Dallas.  For the last few weeks, I’ve had itchy feet and been talking about moving somewhere else and the thought of that (particularly with this heat) motivated us to get out of town for one night this past weekend.  I know that at this point, everyone has cabin fever and is a little sick of being stuck in their homes, regardless of how nice their homes are.  Same folks, same.  We also haven’t had a break from work since Christmas and haven’t gone anywhere except for our short road trip to Central Texas in January.  I literally went to the grocery store for the first time in over three months last week.

So it was that this weekend, I found myself driving down a two track to a cute little Airbnb in the middle of 40 acres in the countryside.  We were greeted by the hosts and their four dogs, four cows, and two horses (both rescues).  The fields were d…

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