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City Mice Visit the Country Mice Part 1

Much like everyone else in the world, our plans this summer had to change based on the coronavirus.  Originally, we were planning on going up to Michigan in August for one of Bryan’s cousin’s weddings.  Unfortunately, they’ve had to reschedule the party, and so instead we made plans to drive up a month earlier to Michigan, where Bryan's family lives.  Bryan’s dad and his twin brother, Bryan’s uncle, both turned 70 in July and we thought it’d be nice to be there to celebrate the big occasion.The drive from Texas to Michigan is 17-18 hours, with the added bonus of being able to bring the dog with us.  The last time we did the drive (with Bowie) was two years ago, right before we moved into the house.  Because of the length of the drive, we break the drive up into two days.  The first evening, we drove as far as Little Rock, Arkansas and spent the night in an Airbnb there.  The house we rented was a restoration project and really cute.  It was a shame we didn’t have more time to spen…

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