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The Office "Home-Edition"

Much like some people who are lucky enough to work from home, I’ve been acclimating to the “home office.”  Because of my continued limited mobility, it’s actually much easier for me to work from home, so all of this has been a blessing in disguise.  Getting around the “real-life” office on crutches was exhausting, and I was always wiped out by the time I got home.  My current office is an office nook off the kitchen, which is surrounded by windows on two sides and looks out the front of the house.  Because of my view, I feel like the unofficial neighborhood watch, as I subconsciously note the coming and goings of the neighbors, who’s observing proper social distancing (and who isn’t), and the different dogs who are getting walked numerous times during the day.

Now that I’m doing everything from home, I’m also enjoying the company of my new coworkers.  One of them takes frequent breaks (from what, I don’t know), plays video games, and refers to the back patio as his “office.”  The oth…

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