And Happy Lunar New Year!

At this rate, all of my blog posts are going to be about the new year.  2023 is the year of the rabbit.  I asked my dad what that meant and he didn't know so I googled it.  Apparently, the year of the rabbit means we should all be focusing on rest, introspection, and working smarter not harder.  Turns out I've been training for the year of the rabbit my entire life.  For Lunar New Year, it's traditional to get haircuts, wear new clothes, the colour red for luck, and to clean out the house prior to the start of the new year, symbolic of sweeping out the old year.  It's also the time of the largest human migration, as people in Asia travel back to spend time and celebrate with their families.  

So far 2023 has been all about the small things.  We had been enjoying some warmer weather in north Texas and all of the animals took the time to bask in the sun.  We're back to cooler temps and rain but I'm certainly fine with that since that means all of the mosquitoes will die.  It's too early in the year to be using bug spray!

My sister bought me a brand new stand mixer for my birthday/Christmas so I've been trying to do it justice and bake.  I've made pizza dough, white chocolate and macadamia cookies, and pecan bars since the new year.  Both Bryan and I severely underestimated our wine storage capacity and now that all of our wine shipments are arriving from California, we're most definitely out of space.

February (I can't believe we're almost already there) promises to be quite chaotic as we'll have family in town for multiple reasons, all at the same time.  I'm also picking up a "regular" lesson program with Dalton - finally after almost a year.  I'll definitely report back on that and the things we're working on together.  Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Those cooking adventures sound amazing! Can't wait to hear about lessons with Dalton!

    1. So much cooking and eating :) I'll post about the lessons soon!

  2. Happy New Year. The year of the rabbit (introspection and working smarter not harder) sounds like something we are all desperately in need of.

  3. Yes, it's too early in the year to be using bug spray. You can say that again.

    So now I'm wondering... It it possible to have too much wine?

    Hope you're doing fine,


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