Being really hot

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The weather has been the talk of the town lately.  The East Coast in particular has been experiencing a real scorcher of a heat wave and I can imagine hordes of people, huddled indoors around a television or standing in front of an open fridge with sweat dripping off their brows and shirts stained through.  Welcome to the life of a Texan for a glorious half of the year.  In the spirit of one-upsmanship, I've put together a compilation of TRUE tales of really being hot.

You don't know hot until...
  • You've cooked fried eggs on the sidewalk.  Literally laid down foil on the sidewalk and cracked eggs on it
  • Your younger sister accidentally left a red crayon in the car and ruined the leather forever.  Heaven forbid you try to wear white pants and ride in the backseat
  • Your legs and butt have been burned by the rivets in your jeans.  One evil September evening.
  • You change outfits twice a day.  Not to look cute but because you sweat through all your clothes.  This is when you resort to wearing dri-fit constantly
  • You've built an entire underground tunnel system that snakes through downtown so people can avoid going outside during the day to get lunch.  Yes, City of Houston, I'm talking about you
  • You've skipped out on graduations, birthdays, weddings, festivals, barbecues all because they're held outside from the months of May through September
  • You know of animals that have died because they stopped sweating
  • You've slept on a bamboo mat on the concrete floor because anything that is fabric is just too darn hot
Stay hydrated, slathered in sunscreen and find yourself a good fan and book.  Happy Friday!


  1. It's getting brutal this week. I bought some fireworks for the 4th, and stopped to get some fast food on the way home, and I was anxious to get out of there asap so they didn't go off from the heat alone.

  2. I'm in the South right now too and DAMN. Burned by a seat belt, and I don't even mean the metal part.

  3. Ugh EVERYWHERE is too hot, it's awful.

  4. This blue fan color is GORGEOUS!!!! Hmmm, sounds like I may be revamping the coloor of mine. Another thing to try .... cooking eggs on the sidewalk. WOW that sure is hot!

  5. Eeeeek....cray cray! Can't believe you guys have this kind of weather most of the time...will stop bitching now. Well, for 5 minutes at least...bwahaha...

  6. some of that sounds familiar. just that it's so humid here that you actually sweat less.

    have a great weekend xx

  7. Umm, yeah, those are some pretty cool tales. But you're also talking to a girl who grew up in the tropical jungles of South America. Kind of. But in any case, from Sept to Dec the average temp is 104... Average mind you. So I've been trough some scorchers in my life.

  8. Also:

    - You've taken a cold shower to drop your body temperature like you're a kid with the flu, except you're actually otherwise healthy.

    - You got out of said shower, dried off, and were wet with sweat again by the time you got into the fresh clothes.

    - You've sat around on the couch with ice packs on your body in a vain attempt to cool off.

    - You went shopping at the mall for the free air-conditioning, not because you wanted to actually buy anything.

    - You woke up earlier than your alarm went off because it was too hot to sleep (at 7 a.m.).

    - You learn to wear long-sleeves despite the heat because being out bare-skinned in the sun for more than a few minutes WILL literally burn you more.

    - The heat has rendered you literally speechless and brought your brain to a complete stop.

    Yeah, life in Thailand sure did introduce me to a whole new kind of heat. :)

  9. Great examples of miserable heat! I hope you're taking your own advice.

    Our power is out, so I need a battery powered fan.

    "Nonprofiteering", I like that--and respect it. :)

  10. Wow, I hope you are keeping cool this weekend. Sounds like a scorcher.


  11. It is so grey outside here, I can't even imagine being hot! Not that I want pavement eggs or anything...
    I don't have any Olympic tickets but I'm sure they'll be stuff going on. It'll be interesting to see what happens to London. Assuming my laptop doesn't burn the house down first (I should definitely sue)! x

  12. eggs cooked by the sun? that's interesting. ohhhh but i get what you mean by the heat wave... las vegas isn't the place to be at this time of the year :[

  13. I wish where I live was remotely hot, so far lots of rain and grey skies. Can't wait to sweat, I leave by the ocean so I can always cool down xx

  14. Honestly it's hot out in NY but I think saying it's scorching is a slight exaggeration. Idk if we can cook an egg on the sidewalk but it'd be very interesting to test it out!

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  15. oh gosh....these all sound terrible. it was really hot here yesterday and i just slept a lot in front of the was intense.

  16. so awesome it would be to cook eggs on the sidewalk haha! + that fan is pretty darn cool ;)

  17. The east coast has reaaalllyyy been experiencing a heat wave. I sort of love it... ;) lol

  18. This is both scary and funny stuff. We have similar summers here, so I can completely empathise with you. My summers consist of sorting out where air-conditioning is going to be, and how to stay there.

  19. Too funny about the egg... Thanks for your support this week!

  20. I'm quite jealous of your hot weather. It still feels like early spring here on the west coast :(

  21. Wow, it's the opposite here - although not that cold at 20degrees Centigrade in the middle of winter. I miss the Summer but any kind of extreme weather is horrid.

  22. Wow you actually cooked an egg on the sidewalk - !!! That's impressive. And I love the idea of an underground tunnel - crazy I know, but I like it.

  23. Oh Ruth. I missed reading your posts last week!!!
    Cooking fried eggs on the sidewalk? Now, that definitely sounds hot.
    Ronnie xo

  24. Animals stopped sweating? Omygosh - that's terrrible!!!

    It hasn't been too hot over here, thank goodness - and hoping it'll stay like this for a while.

  25. Haha why does the melted crayon story seem like such a memory for me too??

    I do NOT miss the Texas heat or humidity! Nothing comes closer to the heat of hell than getting into your car after it's been sitting in the asphalt parking lot while you watched a movie in the theater. Or as a kid, burning your feet as you ran barefoot from the neighborhood pool to the car.

    My dad's AC went out once and he was so miserable he went to Costco so he could hang out in their refrigerated area to cool down. No joke! Haha.


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