Members of the Lonely Hearts Club walk among us, dressed up in an array of disguises.  You’ve probably run into them checking out at the grocery store, on the treadmill next to you at the gym, out to dinner with their families and on romantical dates.  They may be surrounded by people, dancing or laughing, or sitting alone.  Members of the Lonely Hearts Club don’t announce themselves as members.  There’s no special identifier, like a button you receive for going ‘90 days alone and still holding it together’ or even a cheaply laminated membership card.  They very rarely know each other when they meet; their membership is always hidden but flickering just beneath the surface.

Most of them are not not proud to be members.  It’s frightening to go home to an empty house / apartment / room with only long, dark shadows to welcome you home.  I imagine it’s even more frightening to go back to a full house and still have that emptiness and loneliness that can’t be filled by the people who love and surround you.  The Lonely Hearts Club members look forward to the day when they can revoke their membership and join the dappled sunshine-y world on the other side.

Fellow members, do not be afraid.  Do not feel (too) sad.  Most importantly, do not ever, ever feel alone.  You are most definitely not alone - there’s a whole club of people that you belong to.  Scattered around the world, in different time zones yet living right next door.  If you ever want to have a chapter meeting, sound the alarm.  I’ll bring the snacks.