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Walking into the sunset
May has been a relatively quiet month so far, and the lead in to summer has been one filled with hot days, which are then cooled down by rain showers.  Although things haven’t been moving - either forward or backward, there are plenty of schemes and plans bubbling underneath the surface.

One of these plans is getting Ryon listed for a lease.  For the past five months, Ryon has been in the countryside, relaxing in a grass pasture and generally being pampered by its owner.  He hasn’t been ridden or exercised at all during this time; the main objective was to give him a solid break from work.  However, he’s only 12 years old and far from being retired.  He’s also in better physical health when he gets some sort of daily exercise.  The goal is to get him leased out to someone for trail riding, which he’s an expert at, and light dressage.  I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll find a good temporary rider and home for him; he’s too good not to be enjoyed.

The other things that are stewing are still only doing that at the moment.  Instead, I’m bringing you an episode of what Mae and I have liked lately.  Most things that I consume have come from recommendations (personal or otherwise), so I wanted to return the favor and share the goodness with the rest of y’all.

These are the things that I’ve found to be awesome lately:

The Dark Tower Series - There’s some hype around this series by Stephen King lately because the movie based on the first book in the series, The Gunslinger, is coming out in August 2017, starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey.  The movie trailer looks exciting enough but as with all of Stephen King’s stuff, the book is really where the quality lies.  Despite having already watched and been spooked by The Shining movie multiple times, I still threw the book across the room when I read it because it scared the bejeezus out of me.  I’m going to be one of those obnoxious reader people and make a guess that The Gunslinger is going to be the same way.  The Dark Tower series was written by King starting in the 1980s so chances are that there are plenty of used and library copies floating around.  No excuse not to pick up this one, folks.

TonyMoly sheet masks - This spring, I’ve quickly become a sheet mask convert.  At $3 a pop typically, they are still more of a bargain than the face mask creams you can throw your money at from Sephora.  I found this TonyMoly sheet mask pack on Amazon for $13.  This is way cheaper than you can buy them at Ulta or Urban Outfitters.  Amazon for the win, once again.

McSweeney’s - Again with the things to read on the internet.  McSweeney’s is sort of, kind of replacing a melon-sized hole in my heart when Mallory and Nicole shuttered The Toast.  These are some of the goodies that I’ve liked lately:



And these are the things that Mae has found to be awesome lately:

Enjoy Yums - One of the Dover employees suckered me into buying a bag of these during their “sale” a few weeks ago, along with my bag of German horse muffins.  They're around the same price at SmartPak.  All of the ladies at the barn think they’re cute (1) because of the name and (2) because they’re heart-shaped.  Mae loves the mint version of these and will dig in my pocket for them.  I like them because they’re little enough to fit a few into your pockets, but you can still break them in half for smaller-sized treats.  

Teddy’s Tack Trunk brushes - Mae is a typical thin-skinned thoroughbred and sensitive to everything that touches her.  No jelly curries on her legs.  No rough currying along her bridle path.  However, she does love the Prinze body brush.  She’ll lean into my arm when I’m brushing her neck with it and lower her head when I’m running it down her face.  It does a fine job removing dust and cleaning up her coat, but my favourite thing about it is the grooming and bonding time we  get because of it.

Baths - This horse, who a few months ago found it impossible to stand still in the wash racks without a buddy, will now patiently stand in the wash racks before and after bathing.  She especially likes when I shampoo her mane and her neck, giving it a good massage on both sides, and will actually curve her neck so that she rests her face in my chest.  It’s heart melting, particularly since both of my horses love being bathed and that’s about the only thing they have in common.

**I’m not being compensated in any way, shape, or form for my or Mae’s endorsements.  We just both truly like these things and wanted to share  


  1. Love the TTT brushes! I've had mine for close to a year now and can't imagine buying anything else when I need more brushes. They're so excellent, and the customer service is top notch! Those sheet masks sound interesting, I added them to my Amazon wish list to try sometime!

    1. Which brushes do you like best? I might need to pick up another one

    2. I bought a set so I have 5 brushes -- I think it was the champion set? The Prinz brush is definitely my favorite, but I also love the mud brush. We have super nasty clay mud here and it works better than any of my previous brushes to pull dirt chunks off! Haha

    3. Okay that's good to know because she's a roller. Right now she's protected by her fly sheet but I'm sure she'll get in the mud soon enough

  2. exciting about the plans for Ryon!

    1. I know. I'm really hopeful right now but he's just so wonderful on the trail

  3. cute is that that both Ryon and Mae likes baths:) And I'm a huge Stephen King fan but I stayed away from the Dark Tower series because hubby really didn't like the last few books and said I might be disappointed. I might just go ahead and read them all at once if I do get the time, just because I'm really curious now:P

  4. Ah ain't nothing like a deluxe bath! I would wait patiently too, I'll tell ya. And, yes, the books are somuch more interesting -- and scary -- than the movies, The Shining included.

    Hope you're doing fine.


  5. I'm so happy Ryon might have some riding time again.

    The readings you linked to were both painful and hilarious. I may, or may not, have read those SK books but I forget actually. I've probably read most of his books and it seems like it generally takes no more than 50 pages before someone makes a mess in their pants {had to figure out how to phrase that somewhat politely}. Gross and scary, just how I like them. :)

    When you're ready for new mask suggestions, just let me know!


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