Lameness Update

Our vet came out today to check on Mae and see why she possibly could be limping.  She flexed sound everywhere (which is good news), but he did find a crack under the sole of her front left foot with a small infection.  He dug it out, drained it, and put her on antibiotics.  We'll have to start conditioning her hooves every day now and keeping her from walking on the rocks that line our arenas (for some odd reason).  My trainer had ridden her in a training ride this morning before the vet showed up and she was fine throughout the entire thing.  When she asked the vet if Mae's hoof could have caused her lameness, he told us that she could have been a bit sore on it but most likely "exaggerated it to get out of work."

There you have it.  Official medical diagnosis: FAKER.

I'm glad he caught her infection before it became a big problem.  And I'm also glad that it wasn't an actual fluke physical ailment that only showed up when I was around.  Now we need to work on her attitude.  Yep, only that.


  1. Oh man, she's got a dramatic flair!! :) Hope she feels better soon!

  2. Just like Lassie would, Mae was trying to let you know there was a problem. She a great communicator. :)

  3. LOL :) I'm glad the vet caught the infection though - hope the antibiotics are working nicely and that she'll be good to go in no time!

  4. In a way, faker is the best diagnosis you can have. I'm glad the infection was caught!


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