We're moving!

One of the things that’s been in the works since the spring but has at long last been finalized is that I’m moving in August!  Not cities, just into another part of Dallas but still, ch- ch- ch- changes!  We found a townhouse complex that’s currently in the process of being built and will be done in August.  The actual unit is three stories with a basement garage.  It’s closer to my work and the barn, and it’s walking distance to a local supermarket with the best bakery and meat / seafood counters.  B and I will have enough room for both of our belongings as well as a small patch of grass (hardly a front lawn) where B can still grow his tiny garden.  I won’t have to get on any highways to get anywhere on a daily basis.

It’s a little bittersweet.  I’ve been in this apartment since I moved back to Dallas over 4.5 years ago (gulp).  I’ll miss being in the hustle and bustle of Uptown and within walking distance to restaurants, coffee shops, and bars.  I’ll miss running on Katy Trail in the twilight during summertime and in the dead of winter, when you might see only three runners the entire time you’re out.  I am not going to miss the couple who lives above me and fights every night at around 11 pm or the pet owners that don’t pick up dog poop left in the carpeted hallways.  I also won’t miss the scream of jet engines that starts at 6 am and doesn’t stop until midnight from the Southwest flight path over the apartment complex.

B’s excited about the complex’s snazzy new fitness facility and rooftop deck and grills.  I’m excited about being in a bigger space with an open concept kitchen / living space downstairs.  We’ll also have friends that are very close by.

There’s nothing like moving all your worldly possessions in the sweltering, overwhelming heat in the middle of the August.  So, beforehand, I’m going through all of my things and making sure I’m not moving anything extraneous.  I have more Grown Up Possessions than when I moved to Dallas from Houston.  I bought a couch, media console, tv, bookshelves, and basically outfitted the entire kitchen.  I’ve already weeded out my precious colour coded library and tore through my closet this past weekend.  I know I’m probably underestimating the amount of storage that we’ll have at the new place but clutter in any shape or form drives me absolutely batty.  Plus, I refuse to be one of those people who packs a box and never opens it until the next time she moves.

So for the next month, I’ll be throwing away, donating, and boxing things up.  It will be a physical and emotional purging session but I’m ready for it.


  1. Congratulations! Moves are always bittersweet but it's so nice to have a purge and fresh start from time to time. Good luck with moving in that heat & humidity! <3

  2. Congratulations! How exciting!

  3. Oooooo...good luck with the move, Rooth! That's such a may-juh thing for both you and B:) I'm not a big fan of moving myself just coz we used to move a lot when I was young, but it can be exciting for sure.

  4. When we last moved I heard somebody say that if you haven't opened a box within six months of moving in, either sell it's contents, or donate it to charity.

  5. Did I mention I'm happy for you? Well, I'm happy for you and I hope your new home got so much storage space it's impossible for there to be clutter even if you tried. Yes, this is the optimist in me speaking. Of course you should always refuse to be a person who packs a box and never opens it until the next time she moves...



  6. Congratulations! I actually love moving and settling into a new space. Packing can be a nightmare but sometimes it's also therapeutic for me. Perhaps if we ever move from our place now it'll be harder and bittersweet since it is our first home but I still think the opportunity for an absolute clean slate will always be exciting :)

  7. Congratulations! That is exciting to be able to start fresh in a new place! :)


  8. Even moving within the same city is a pretty emotional experience. There's something about walking through the rooms of your home and knowing that you won't get to walk through them anymore, that they won't be your home, they'll be someone else's home, that is so bizarre. Moves are a lot of work! You'll definitely be busy for the next few weeks but it will be really exciting to set up the new place just the way you want it!

  9. Um, the dog poop alone would make me excited to move. Does this really happen? I'll admit I've only lived in house apartments so I've only once had a shared hallway where this could happen {it was a 4 apartment house}.

    I'm happy you're moving, it'll be a lot of effort, and August temperatures sound horrible to move in, but it sounds like you'll have an amazing new place. :)

  10. GASP! Congratulations . . . such exciting news. :)


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