Sometimes we dress up
If you were a creepy elf on the shelf at my house:

You’d notice that we made a mad dash to get fancy this weekend for the office holiday party, which was Gatsby-themed complete with fireworks (over the top much?).  You probably also heard us  stumble back in the house later than we planned and then, instead of going to sleep, finish watching the Russian sniper movie we started earlier that evening and eat nachos.  I think Bryan and I have a handle on this whole adulting thing.

You’d have seen that I finished almost ALL my Christmas cards in two days, fighting desperately  through the hand cramps at the end.  The handwriting might be illegible in some of them but everyone gets the general gist of a Christmas card.  Psst, email me at ryen3 at hotmail dot com if you want a Christmas card.  I not-so-secretly love sending them out.

You’d raise your eyebrow at the number of Christmas cookies consumed in the past 72 hours.  We baked cranberry cherry ribbon cookies from Design Crush (here) this weekend and received a cookie gift from Berger’s on Monday.  We may not fit into our pants by the end of the month but that’s the goal of the holiday season, I think.

You’d shake your head at the endless swaths of garland and lights that I’ve thrown randomly around the house.  You’d also be wondering at how we’ll manage to squeeze in our guests for the holidays in addition to all of the Christmas decorations.  We’re having Bryan’s parents stay with us for a week before Christmas.  Because of his work schedule, we can’t make it up to Michigan this winter so they’re coming down to see us - I think they’re using him as an excuse to escape the cold.  We’ll be a cozy crew in the apartment so here’s to hoping the weather is nice and they can spend the week golfing away outside.

You’d nod as I tick through my Christmas shopping online.  For those of you who don’t use the internet for this, you’re really missing out.  Going to the store during this time of the year is some kind of special torture. 


  1. Your house sounds fun for the holidays!

  2. guys look so good:) A Gatsby-themed party sounds like a blast. And if you make more of those cookies, send some my way please!

  3. i am soooo with you on online shopping, i hate leaving my house. for real.

  4. You all look amazing! An office party with fireworks sounds like fun! :)

  5. You guys look amazing. There's no trace of the holidays here in KSA (obviously) - so it's really weird for me to read these posts and see the photos. There's a cognitive disconnect. And I'm really missing snow this year.

  6. What a pretty picture! You should send out New Years cards just so people can see it. ;)

  7. Wow, impressive productivity!!

  8. I love your dress, Rooth! Those cookies sound so exquisite, and I agree that holiday shopping is wild. Sending you the best this new year :)

    imperfect idealist

  9. I love how Bryan used to be hidden on the blog, and now he's on full blast. :) :) You both look lovely!


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