Dark storms roll through quickly tonight, the beginning of a week-long visit.  I suppose they're deciding to hang around awhile, enjoy the sights and sounds of awful Dallas drivers slipping and sliding in the rain.  Only a slight smattering of precipitation has us careening all over the roads, like butter on a hot griddle, leaving rainbow streaks and tread marks in our wake.

My dears, we've rather rushed through the year, haven't we?  At the snap of your fingers, blink of an eye, it's the month of May and we're trudging toward Mother's Day and Memorial Day.  The weekends will be filled with brunching, lounging, and gossiping about You-Remember-Who and Her-Daughter-Who-Lives-In-Random-Big-City.  For once, I actually have Plans for a holiday weekend and am not flying by the seat of my pants as I tend to do, particularly as it gets warmer.  There's no more procrastination of places to go and people to see.  Okay maybe a little procrastination as I still haven't been back to Houston in two years time and keep on promising a certain somebody that I'll go visit her in Paris.  I'm conflicted, about having Plans, but maybe it's just a gut reaction to something different.

Even as time brushes by, not giving a whit who it shoves out of its path, I sit cross-legged in front a rain-streaked window when I should be sound asleep in bed, watching the rivulets of water make their squiggly trail down the glass.  The storms that have stopped over tonight are guests in my house and they've captured my fleeting fancy, for the sun will be back with its blazing gaze soon enough.