Holy smokes, it’s been a full eight months since I’ve done a house post on my blog!  Which isn’t to say that I haven’t been scoping out the real estate market on the daily anyway.  I have always loved looking at houses and can remember going through the real estate classifieds in the newspaper with a highlighter when I hadn’t even hit double digits yet.  And I will probably always love looking at houses, even though it’s the most impractical thing I could do financially (okay maybe not the most impractical, that would be buying another horse) right now.  Speaking rather practically, in terms of a long-term investment the market in Dallas is still on fire and prices are inflated beyond the reasonable imagination.  Then, for me personally, there’s the whole irrational fear in establishing a place of permanence and let’s be honest, the only reason I would need more room would be to have more space to keep all my books.

Still, when you see a unique gem like the first house I’ve shared since January, you can see why I let my imagination run away with me a smidge.  This little mid-century ranch was built in the 1930's and is under 1,500 square feet.  Luckily the owners since haven’t completely gutted and modernized it.  It’d be lovely to scoop it up and preserve all the quirky innards (and why yes, that is a pool in the backyard).