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My Xmas Corner
Happy new year to everyone!  I’m still alive!  I had the grandest of intentions for many merry holidaying posts in December and then the month decided to wallop me on the head and thus everything writing and blogging-related took a back seat. 

Let’s get the down and dirty out of the way first.  In mid-December, I was involved in a hit and run.  A driver in an SUV decided to run a stop sign, rammed into my back passenger wheel, and took off.  I’m fine, the car is in the shop, and insurance is taking care of pretty much everything, so really I have very little to complain about.  It’s inconvenient relying on a rental and the damage to the car was pretty extensive - all things considered - however there are much worse car accidents that happen during the holidays and winter months, particularly when the roads are slick and people are distracted.  Please be safe out on the roads.  It’s truly a madhouse out there.  The week after that accident, Miss Mae decided to get cheeky over a jump and clear it with all four legs in the air at once, like a rabbit.  I popped out of my stirrups and came off on the back side on the left of the saddle, hyperextending my knee.  The swelling and stiffness has subsided a good amount by now, and the bruising all along that leg is just starting to come out.  I’ve read that these things take a few weeks to feel better, so hopefully it’ll all be back to normal by mid-January.  We’ve been over more jumps since then (knee be damned!), and I’m chalking it up to part of owning a young, green horse.  Another thing I’ve learned jumping a green horse is that my current saddle just won’t do anymore, so I’ll be on a hunt for one of those during 2018.

Bryan and I at Chimney Rock
Otherwise, the holiday season was lovely.  Spending it with my family was extra special this year, since last year we were with Bryan’s family in Michigan.  After I tried to break almost everything during the holidays, Bryan and I ended 2017 in wine country in California.  It has been in the 20s in Dallas so getting away to the mid-60s was delightful and wine country was beautiful.  We spent half our time in Napa and the other half in Sonoma.  The tourism industry there has taken a hit from the wildfire news this past fall, which did destroy several homes but hasn’t really touched any wineries.  If you’re on the fence about visiting, I’d recommend going out there now especially as it’s less crowded.  We may have shipped a few souvenirs home from this trip, let’s see if we’re actually able to age the bottles like they’ve recommended.

I hope that your 2018 is full of rich achievement and good health.  Be safe, be well, and be good to one another.


  1. Ugh that sucks about the hit and run, and also the fall! But the winery visits sound lovely :) im glad you had a nice holiday season!

  2. happy new year! hopefully things like the car accident and freak fall are things of the past, and that better things await in the new year! good luck saddle shopping!

  3. Ugh sorry about the physical maladies. I hate having my car in the shop and being reliant on a rental (Also driving strange cars pretty much sends my anxiety through the roof) I hope you have a great 2018 and Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year! Ugh, jumping green horses in not the right saddle is the worst! Good luck finding one that works for you guys!

  5. Oh noes! So sorry to read about the mishap and the accident, Ruth:( Good to hear though that you're ok, and that you ended up having a lovely holiday season. You and Bryan looked great in that pic:)
    Here's to a great 2018. XOXO

  6. I'm so sorry about your car and your knee. Fingers crossed that your knee is back to normal soon. Best wishes in 2018.

  7. Happy New Year! I'm so sorry to hear about the hit and run and the knee injury, but I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday. Ending 2017 in California's wine country sounds amazing!


  8. Yikes! A car accident and your knee! Hope the car is good as new and that your knee is ok. Happy happy New Year!

  9. geez, you did not end the year well! but i hope 2018 has been accident free so far, haha!

  10. Sorry about the accident, that's quite scary. My college freshman sister--it's her first winter of driving since she learned to drive here in Malaysia--and she slid her car off the road and into a ditch just before Christmas. Slippery roads are no joke, but I'm, in a way, glad she had a minor accident to scare a healthy respect for winter roads into her early on! Glad your car is getting taken care of and that the accident wasn't more serious!

  11. I'm sorry to read about your car accident :( I'm so so relieved to know that
    you're alright, the car is alright and everything is insured and covered up.
    But still when participating on the road please be careful.
    I hope your knee is recovered by now since it's around mid-january. Take care!
    Xx Lol, I thought you said you bought a green house :') but it's green horse! Haven't heard of this term before :o interesting though! I'm learning quite lots of horse stuff by just reading your experiences with Mae (happy anniversary!!) and with Ryon :)
    They are two very lucky horses with an amazing owner and carer!
    Xx <a href="http://www.icepandora.com>Ice Pandora</a>


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