When left to my own devices...

...I will eat endless amounts of cheese and crackers

...Frozen yogurt counts as a meal.  Or all meals

...Reading until 3 am is normal.  Especially if it's a juicy YA novel

...Pants are optional.  Would you like to come to the pants party?

...My tv will magically create its own Big Bang Theory marathon.  I will be forced to watch it

...Dishes will congregate in the kitchen sink, chattering and clattering away.  You can't interrupt them by placing them in the dishwasher!  You're stunting their social development if you do

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  1. are you talking about ME here?
    cheese and crackers (and homemade pickles!) were my lunch,
    i got the day off and read all afternoon,
    i don't wash pots and pans (why else do you think i have a roommate?),
    and let's go get some fro-yo, shall we?!

    happy weekend, pretty girl!

  2. A pants party sounds fun, but they would have to be mandatory just that once. :)

    For me it's peanut butter and crackers (I've been good for a very long time about that).

    A night owl girl enjoying a good story...just as it should be. I guess you know I'm a bit of a night owl too. And I'm trying to be organized about the dishes. I tell myself if I put a dirty dish in the dishwasher right away, I'm done. But if I put it in the sink, then I'm going to have to pick it up again. The results are mixed so far--because by just putting it in the sink, I can get back to Sheldon and the gang more quickly. :)

  3. Haha - I hate doing the dishes. I told my mom that if I had it my way, I;d never ever have any glass-ware in my kitchen, only disposable plates and Styrofoam cups etc. Anyway, I could make Chocolate into a meal - or several meals :)

  4. Cheese I could eat non stop as well. Had some for dinner last night and had to say to myself 'enough' at some point.

  5. I totally agree that frozen yogurt counts as a meal.

  6. Haha I can definitely related to the first three. Time goes past so quickly when reading good YA novels at night - one minute it's 10pm, the next it's 3am and you can't stop even though you'll regret it in the morning.

  7. sounds like we would make very good friends :)

  8. Nice blog, follow each other?


  9. Very cute... Have a nice one!

  10. I love cheese and crackers! :) I have only tried a few cheese so far, the one that I like out of the ones I've tried is blue stilton. I was hesitant before I tried it. Turns out, it was lovely. :) What cheese do you like?

    I've never tried frozen yogurt before. I will give it a try when I have the chance. Probably make it myself one day.

  11. Too cute. I definitely do a lot of these too. Read a lot ... and ignore my dishes.

  12. Oh Roothie...you're too much!:P

  13. hahahah, "stunting their social development." I love that. ^^
    and oh god, yes, froyo definitely counts as a meal!! especially when there's heapings of fruit on it...oh gosh, thinking about it is making me drool.
    ♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

  14. Sounds like what happens when I'm left alone, too. Except PB & chocolate chips count as a meal for me.

    Btw, looks like it's supposed to be a beautiful day for our marathoners tomorrow!

  15. Frozen yogurt is definitely considered a meal!! Yup... deff!! lol

  16. Happens when I am alone too, but throw in a shopping trip somewhere too.

    What juicy YA novel are you reading?


  17. OMG love cheese & crackers!!

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  18. haha Ruth this is so cute and I keep forgetting to watch the Big Bang Theory. I've heard it's a really good show

    I always eat cheese and crackers too so that made me laugh

  19. sounds a lot like my life - dishes in the sink, big bang theory marathons, froyo everyday...sigh :)

    x Stace

  20. Replace froyo with hummus and I am right there! X

  21. I love these hahaha can we be alone together? :P

  22. Mmm . . . cheese! I cannot tell you often this summer I've eaten cheese and crackers, with a few veggies thrown in for good measure, for dinner. Throw in a good book and it's heaven!

  23. Once your dishes are socially acceptable, can they float to my house and model their growth development in social skills to mine?

  24. So funny, and I can relate to far too many things here. Ha!


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