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By now, y'all know I like receiving blog awards, like the Sunshine Award I recently got from Aki! at Seven Percent Solution.  And what do I like even more than receiving these awards and all of the recognition and praise that comes along with them?  Answering the questions about yourself!  It's like those old-fashioned chain letters except you get to talk about you the entire time.  Which is a win-win in my book.  So, if you're tired of reading about how awkward I am or have better things to do (don't we all?), skip the below and Happy Thursday to ya!

And now... for the Question and Answer session of the program.

Winter whites: Is this a style you would try?  My 2011 winter wardrobe was pretty much only black, white and grey - BOO.  That was old workety-work, boring, corporate Rooth.  For 2012, crazy, cabin-fever Rooth is here to play and dresses in things like NEON compression socks and NEON running tights.  If you want to do winter whites, cool.  But if you want to do winter brights?  Party's over here!

R and Y are my first and last initials - custom socks wuhoo!
Would you mix black and brown?  For casual clothing, yes.  But for business professional clothes, no.  Unless you work in fashion or in the technology industry, where what you wear is either extremely deliberate or extremely undeliberate.

Big, bulky and flashy jewelry or delicate, subtle pieces?  I would say delicate, subtle pieces except I don't wear jewelry really and the only thing I wear these days is a big fat Fuel Band that lights up like the Fourth of July (mine is the one that doesn't read GOAL in the picture below because it's too bright to read anything on the screen).  So I guess that's not so subtle.

Sister and I fueling up.  Ignore the chocolate liquor candies.   We were just trying something.
What is your favourite holiday?  Thanksgiving.  I pretty much wrote 20 bajillion posts about it last month so if you want a refresher, click on November 2012 over here -------------------------------------------->

What is the most overrated holiday?  Valentine's Day - I'm sorry but I think it's a waste of a holiday.  I do like hearts, candy and pink and white and red things but you don't even get the day off from work.  And also all of the single people in the world are angry on that day.  I bet ice cream and Kleenex sales do pretty well around February 14th.

What's one beauty tip that just seems weird to you?  Are you kidding?  All of them seem weird to me!

What's the winter weather like where you are?  Would you want it to be different?  It's finally cold(er) and I'm sick, so that's pretty much perfect.  I wish it was snowing like it is where Tina Jo lives but I'll just stare at her blog and Instagram pictures and imagine that I'm in a winter wonderland.

Do you collect anything weird?  That, boys and girls, is a loaded question.  Is this the moment that I reveal to you all that I secretly collect hair from strangers whose names end in "er" or that I'm the next contender on the show Hoarders?  Nope, sorry.  I don't collect weird things.  Unless you're talking about my friends.  Then the answer is yes, I collect REALLY weird things.

Tell us about an interesting first impression.  Meeting brussels sprouts.  At first, from the smell alone - which reminds one of a public rest stop next to a cattle feedlot, I thought he* was going to be rank and tough, with questionable hygiene.  Now I know that he's quite delightful roasted and served with bacon (okay that's not hard, anything is delightful served with bacon).

Do you have any frenemies?  If you don't have any, is your life worth living?

*Brussels sprouts here actually refers to a vegetable, it's not some cute nickname that I gave someone.  If you needed to read this asterisk to clarify that I wasn't roasting people, we obviously don't know each other well enough.


  1. valentines day is definitely a love or hate thing. I refuse to take my girlfriend out to eat that day. People make the restaurant business crowd so much that day. It would be nice, but 1 to 2 hour waits to eat at somewhere decent is not something I'd like.

  2. those socks are SWEET! PS Im obsessed with Thanksgiving too :)

  3. Thanks so much for answering these questions. I think tags are one of my favorite parts of blogging. I loved answering them even way back when during the livejournal and xanga days.

  4. Rooth style answerings!! Awesome indeed!

  5. Love those socks! I'm trying really hard not to be all blacks and Grey's every day as well.

    The frenemies answer makes me hope you are all real housewives of Texas ;)

  6. This is too cute, especially the brussel sprouts impression.

  7. Congrats on your award!! Ok, let's get to talking.

    Love the personalized socks. Yesss! I totally agree that VDay is overrated...what IS that all about anyways? And TOTALLY agree about black and brown. A definite for casual (black leggings and brown boots), but NO for business. Aack.

  8. What?! You collect weird friends, too?!

  9. Valentine's Day is overrated?!?! You lie!

  10. And congrats on the award, Auntie Rooth:)

  11. Congratulations on the award! And I totally agree that beauty tips are weird...I mean, when you think about it, most of them sound so strange!

  12. I totally agree with you on Valentine's Day. What a waste. It's one of those holidays that's around solely for commercial purposes, I think.

  13. You crack me up. I collect weird things too, if we're talking about friends. I know I'm in the minority but I like Valentine's Day a lot. But that coud be because I'm a compulsive monogamist and haven't been single on the holiday in over 10 years (sweet lord).

  14. Great questions! I would love a drier winter, we get so much rain in Portland. There is something so wonderful about a chilly, sunny day!

    And I LOVE those Nike socks - I know so many people who would love some of those.

    Have an awesome weekend!! :)

  15. You know my favorite Valentine's Day thus far was one year in high school when my friends and I were all single. Two of the girls in my group made "boyfriends in a box" for all of us, each one catering to our specific "types." Then they left them outside out front doors and ding dong ditched us. It was AWESOME and I got roses and a box of chocolates out of it, hehe.

    Since then I figure even if I was single I could still use that day to show people I love them ya know?

    But it'd be nice to get the day off work ;-)

  16. you deserve it!<3
    anyway check and follow mine dear i'll follow you back:) thankyou xx

  17. Crazy socks!! Very cool...a gift from sis? I don't collect any weird material things either, just a few small sentimental trinkets. And flashlights. I don't actually collect them, but for a variety of reasons we have many more flashlights than people here.

    I'm happy to say I knew "he" was a sprout--my second guess would have been St. Lawrence. :)

    PS - I'm sure your dad would think this is the perfect award for you.

  18. I had great fun reading your Q&A. I have a big smile on my face as I read each word. I'm not a Valentines day fan either. You cracked me up at the anything weird question.

  19. haha, I kinda like the idea with the hair :) congratulations. you deserve the award!!


  20. Hehe- I like that these are not your run of the mill questions. Love the socks and agree that a true holiday merits a day off from work!

  21. I wish we were in a winter wonderland too! Congrats on your award! I had so much fun reading your answers.

    xo erica


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