A love letter

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Oh my dearest,

How much do I love thee?  Let me enumerate the ways.  I adore how you...

...create instead of consume - art, words, furniture, clothing, food, etc etc etc

...dote on your fur babies, maybe even a smidge more than your two-legged family members

...share all of your creative ramblings, even if it means baring the deepest, darkest part of your soul, and invite commentary, nay, criticism even

...post the hilarious, slightly awkward, beautiful, terrifying, all of the above but always real / genuine / sincere photos of your life

...momma / poppa bear it up and proudly declare how proud you are of your sons and daughters, from learning to hold their heads up to their accomplishments at school and beyond

...reluctantly dredge up the unglamourous bits of your life - accidents, illnesses, failures, and regrets - because these are the things that turn you into a three dimensional person and not just words on a screen

...work slavishly long days and nights at your job and then come home and plop down a perfect piece of prose that puts me to shame

...push others to do their best, to never stop trying and striving and to be the best that you can imagine they can be, which is even further than they thought they could take themselves.  Your inspiration is my motivation

...took the bold step of quitting your normal day job to pursue what it is that you really wanted to do, a passion if you will

...grin and bear it, for others' sake, even though all you want to do is roll around on the ground screaming

...care so much about people that you may have never / might never meet in real life and yet form such strong and deep connections with - to be one of those lucky recipients

I truly do adore you.  Happy Valentine's Day.




  1. Happy <3 Day to you too, Rooth! I love this post! :)

    ps. and the picture too!

  2. Love this:)
    Happy Valentine's Day, Rooth.

  3. This is a beautiful love letter! Happy Valentine's Day! Love you! XO

  4. Oh, I absolutely love this letter! What a perfect start to the day.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you, my friend . . .

  5. I suddenly feel like Linus being asked to memorize lines for the Christmas play. I can't do it!!! I'm afraid you're going to have to give me five good reasons. lol

    Actually one is enough and you've already given that--friendship. Happy Valentine's Day Rooth!

  6. PS - You probably remember, but just in case...the 5 reasons were Lucy's fingers being formed into a fist one by one. :D

  7. Happy Valentine's Day, gorgeous girl!! Just remember, the best part of Vday is the 15th...when all the candy goes on 50% sale at the drugstores. xo

  8. happy valentine's day. love this post!

  9. you are the best and i adore you too. happy valentines day. give ryon a little sweet treat from us! xo

  10. ha, brilliant. happy valentine's day xoxo

  11. Happy Valentine´s sweetie! :-)


  12. That card is awesome, and your letter is, too.

    Hope your V-Day is spectacular, Ruth!

  13. Aww, I love this! You rock! :) Have a great day!

  14. This is the very sweetest thing, Ruth. I've been away for awhile, but your writing always reels me back in. :) xoxo

  15. What a great post, Rooth! Hope you had a lovely Valentine's day. You have such a witty way with words!

  16. I hope your Valentines Day was great Rooth :) Mine was just like every other day! ha!


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