Will you haiku my Valentine?

Via etsy
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
What's Valentine's Day
without a haiku for you?

These are not all by me but in collaboration with one of my most creative friends.  They were not written in this order but sequenced after the fact on purpose.  I hope you'll take it upon yourself to write your beloved a sweeter Valentine's Day poem than the ones we decided to snark your day up with today.

Haiku #1

"Valentine's Day?" ::scoff::
Yeah, me neither, I replied
Inside I crumble.

Haiku #2

So much potential
Another disappointment
Here we go again

Haiku #3

When your momma said
"Anything that's worth having..."
You should try harder.

Haiku #4

Single girl mantra:
Bluebell fixes everything
And shoes are low fat

Haiku #5

Blush pink, lipstick red
Leather, lace, and sexy things
All this for 7 min?


  1. Proposed alternate endings:

    #1 - Then a weird gift came.
    #2 - For those I reject.
    #3 - Arrives when it should.
    #4 - So I don't have to.
    #5 - Unforgettable.

    I enjoyed the Valentine's Days of my youth...celebrating friendship.

  2. okay here we go...

    Once I lay dreaming
    A man who brings me great joy
    But then I woke up

    okay, okay, just warming up here.

    The morning of love
    Woken by snowy landscape
    Damn, Got to shovel

    hahaha okay just having fun here now.

  3. haha i love number 1...hilarious

  4. these are brilliant :)

  5. Love, love LOVE! Especially #1. XOXO

  6. My favorite variation on the classic "Roses are red..." was this one: "Roses are red, violets are blue, if you have a Valentine, I hope she gives you Herpes." I saw it a million years ago (like, early 2000s!) on livejournal and it has literally stuck with me ever since. Cracks me up every time. xo

  7. Oh my gosh, your friends are too creative! Haiku #4 all the wayyyy!

  8. Oh my god, that last one. I die.

  9. You have such clever friends! That last one made me crack up!

  10. Love them so much! :)) Thanks for sharing and making me smile!

  11. ha! these are great. oh man i don't know if i could choose a favorite but i love all the emotion in the first one.


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