Peace and calm and deep breaths.  Slow in and out, while focusing on nothing but the moment.  Center around that for five minutes, no... scratch that... 30 seconds a day.  I am here.  I am now.

And then proceed to freak out and throw sh*t.

I appreciate all the kind thoughts, words of advice, and offers to help that you all, you dear dear people, have relayed to me over the past 24 hours.  My parents are a quiet, intensely private couple and hadn't shared the diagnosis with many, even amongst our family, but honestly, you all are like my family.  So I had to share it with you.  I talk to many of you, either via email or other form of communication, several times a day and more often, and more intensely, than I talk to people I know "IRL."  And with many of you, I actually feel much closer to than people that I know "IRL."

This is all to say that those things that I write on my blog, or what I choose to leave out, oftentimes is interpreted correctly and accurately by you.  You who I may not have met in person (but would really like to someday soon).  You who can read the pauses, the silences, the echoes of my heart and head quite clearly.  It's invaluable what I'm able to get away with saying (and not saying).  And all of you, don't ever stop.