This morning, I was gifted with a little more time.  Four hours to be exact.  Four extra hours on a Monday morning to do whatever I please?  I will take that deal all day everyday.  I took a smidge of a break toward the end of last week to get my thoughts in order and to really think about what's important to me and spent a lot of this weekend focusing on those things.  Sometimes you need a little time to just straighten out and organize those thoughts bouncing around in the ol' noggin and also realize that things are not about you all the time.

But with the extra time this morning, it's safe to say that this week is starting off on a chipper note, which is the perfect recap to a beautiful weekend.  Okay, I'll admit it - every weekend where the weather has been warm and sunny has been beautiful to me.  But back to this morning.  I've been sitting here with an extra large ice coffee and catching up on blogs and your lives and am so glad that everything is coming up roses for everyone.  Can we pretty please keep the week going in this type of direction?  Or the month?  Or really, the rest of 2014?  Because that would be pretty freaking grand.

Speaking of grand, what about this little gem this week?  If the master suite was the only room in the house, I think I could be happy.