How much more seriously moody, creepy, and romantic can that photograph get?  If Portland is like this, I think we'll get along just fine.  I'm going to visit sister Siri there for the first time since she's moved there and if I have it my way, we'll just rotate between going to Powell's City of Books and Salt &Straw the entire time.  Kidding, kidding (not really though).  Hopefully between all the ice cream eating, reading, communing with nature and visiting blogger friends (yay), I'll be able to make up for the bad bad case of wanderlust I've had this summer.

PS - If you're missing my Hey Homey post this week, pop on over to Starlet's here and check out the burst of colour I found to match those bright summer days

PPS - Remember all those nice things I said about Ryon last week?  Well I take it all back.  Naughty boy tried to eat while he was supposed to be working tonight and when I was pulling branches out of his mouth (yeah, what a pig right?), he bit my finger!  Jerk...