1: Everlane Weekender 2. GoRuck Civvy Kit 3. Qwstion Weekender 4. Filson Medium Duffle 5. Herschel Novel
To say I've been bitten by the travel bug is an understatement of the very worst kind.  If anything, I've been mauled by the Travel Shark.  He has taken me into his tremendously massive maw and torn my limbs asunder, flinging them into the surf in bits and pieces.  In between "serious work time," I browse tiny studio apartments for rent close to Notre Dame, B&Bs to sink into in Savannah and Charleston, cafes to stay awhile at in Belgium, and even beach & surf horseback rides on deserted islands.  And what with Lauren's trip to Greece, Freya's journey to Japan, and three of my coworkers' recent vacations to Germany, I'm feeling quite envious indeed.  I pack my imaginary bag with various fabulous yet casually chic vacation outfits, tuck my passport in my back pocket, and I'm ready to go.  And although packing is the very worst (honestly, it's worse than unpacking because then you can at least just throw everything in the laundry hamper), it can be improved a smidge by having the perfect bag.  So I'm enlisting your help in picking one out.  Which of the above is your very favourite?  Honestly, I'm leaning toward either #2 or #4 but want your opinion as well.

PS: There are a few travels that are coming up in my future and I can't wait to share those details with you very soon!