Mini conversations

The potential is there.  Can't you tell, can't you see it?  Why, it's just oozing potential.  It's going to go well, it's going to go swimmingly, it'll be swell and grand.  There's nothing to worry about.  Don't let the anxiety spin around in that hamster-wheel brain of yours.  You won't accomplish anything by building a million decision trees and painting a slew of different scenarios in your head, except maybe just give yourself a headache.  What do you mean you can't see the potential?  The potential for greatness.  The potential that this is It.  This is the One.  This is What You've Been Waiting For.  It's all there, under the layers of dingy dirt, detritus and debris.  Just begin chipping away at it and you'll see.  Take a washcloth - better make it a chisel - to it and you'll see the potential shining through soon enough.

Still can't see it?  Well maybe you're just blind.  Maybe you're in denial.  Maybe you're afraid.  Maybe you've already been through all the motions, the 12-step program and you've arrived at your conclusion regardless.  I see that squeaky hamster-wheel spinning now and maybe you just like the frenetic frantic-ness of it all.  And maybe, just maybe, you see it too.



  1. How did you know how I approach every possible friendship, decision, future possibility? Are you inside my head? ;)

  2. I attempted a humorous comment (asking if you were dating a hobo--dingy dirt, detritus, wash cloth). But not today. Today I want to say YES, the potential is there. No need for anxiety.

  3. All in due time and we see when we're ready to see. Sometimes a seed is planted in my head, and I know it's there, I can feel it wiggling and growing inside, but I don't see it yet, not until it's ready and I'm ready to let it come to the surface. Sending all my support to you.

  4. House? Person? Experience? Explanation please!

  5. so much potential. i wish i knew the secret code or had the magical key to unlock it all. i often wonder how much more i might be capable of if i only knew how to get to that ever elusive place where all my potential resides :)


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