Somewhere on a beach


I am a little over twelve hours away from sinking my toes into some surf and sand.  All of a sudden, everything seems bearable at least for a little while.

Twelve hours ago, my hands were covered in pus, blood, chunky yellow stuff, and matted hair.  Twenty-four hours ago, my eyes were dry and glazed over from staring unblinkingly at excel worksheets and rows upon rows of numbers that made less and less sense.

But that’s in the past.  Today we’re focusing on waves crashing on a beach, sunshine, and a pool chair / book / cold beverage.  I’m imagining the sun baking my closed eyes, seagulls barking overhead, and the strong scent of sunscreen.  It’s a much-needed escape, although not running away as I’d desperately like to do.

I’d like to say I’ll be thinking of you but I’ll be [see title].


  1. Have a lovely time off, Rooth!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time...the beach sounds like the perfect place to relax!

  3. Ah, the beach + a good book . . . sounds perfectly delightful.

  4. I hope you had an amazing time!!


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