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March has been the month of birthdays, running around through airports, and trying to catch up on sleep with any opportunity I get.  Since I’m so good at multitasking, I was also able to squeeze in a lovely episode of the flu in there while I was at it.

Instead of resting after my bout with the flu turned into a sinus-something, B and I escaped to the mountains to meet up Siri and Misha and go skiing.  We did a very quick out-and-back trip to Powder Mountain, Utah, which I highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for no lift lines and plenty of powder (as the name implies).  Alas, it was my one ski trip of the year unless someone decides to gift me a trip to South America this summer.

A week ago, Siri and Misha flew home a puppy that they rescued from Texas, given name Pudgie Bear.  Pudge is a terrier mix mutt and around three months old.  He is also my sister’s first “real” pet (bigger than a hamster), and the two of them are officially smitten.  He sleeps and poops a lot (from what she tells me) and generally runs the household.  Since I’m officially a dog aunt now, any good recommended / suggested puppy presents are welcome.

I also wanted to throw out some super rando-things that I’ve enjoyed this month: - Support teachers, classrooms, and their projects.  I enjoy donating to anything that incorporates learning and reading and have found no shortage (unfortunately) of literacy-based projects to donate to in the Dallas area.  The sweetest, unexpected thing that I’ve received is a collection of over 50 handwritten thank you letters from students that have benefited from my donation.

Key lime pie - This recipe specifically:  B is all about birthday pies instead of birthday cakes (even though we were able to squeeze in two cakes during the month anyhow) and this key lime pie I made over the weekend was so easy and so good.  Make it and eat it.  Fight with your family over who gets the last piece.  You won’t regret it.

Sock fetish - Because foot fetishes are your own thing that no one else needs to know about.  But if you want awesomely Southern socks, go here:  I’ve bought three pairs from this collection and one of them IS the horse humping pair.  No one is surprised.


  1. Those socks are awesome! I want the Beer Pong and Shotgun ones:D And yay on being a dog auntie:) Pudgie Bear is a cutie pie.

    PS So sorry to hear about the episode of that is never fun:(

  2. The hunting themed socks--now those are something I've never seen before!

    I'm not sure multitasking was design for the purposes of the flu...but good job overcoming that 'task'.

  3. The two of them are officially smitten... Isn't that something? :)) Powder Mountain's on my list.

  4. Well done you for donating. Sweet! Receiving lots of handwritten letters is priceless!

  5. Those ears!!! And Pudgie Bear has interesting ears too. (That would be funny, if only one of you had ears showing...but that wouldn't be good on the slopes.) I'm glad you didn't have to cancel the trip due to post-flu yuckiness.
    That's really sweet about the donation and the thank you notes. I decided some time back that if I ever have enough money to create a charitable foundation, it would be to support elementary education. Not there yet. :)
    I have two sock "things" (for lack of a better word). I don't like having to match socks, so I buy 15 identical pairs and let them live single and free in the sock drawer. The other thing is that I wear most socks inside out. The stitching on most socks is bulky and aggravates me. Inside out is much more comfortable. It's one of my "prince and the pea"-type issues. Prince Richard...HA!

  6. Can you believe that Ive never been skiing before??! Glad you had fun! How are you feeling? Back to 100% I hope!

  7. Ugh, puppy ears are so cute! I want to squish them until his back leg starts kicking with happiness.

    I read the socks as jumping horses and clicked on the link and immediately thought, "I don't think those horses are jumping..." then I saw the actual name. :)

  8. Ah, Pudgie Bear . . . now that's a face to love. I also love that he's a rescue. Sigh.

  9. You sound like me with the sickness. Ugh. I'm so freaking ready for it to be over. I secretly want a cool sock collection, like yours.

  10. awww congrats on being a doggy aunt! so adorable! :)


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