August Anxiety

These are things that give me anxiety:

Arguing / falling / elephant-herding / screaming noises from my neighbor upstairs

Voicemails from unknown numbers

Planning vacations of any duration

Early morning flights

School supplies for sale in July


Children who are about to cross the street without holding tightly to a grown-up’s hands

Not packing enough books for a trip

Packing too many books for a trip


  1. These things give me anxiety, esp. the planning vacations one. And also just kids in general...:P

  2. I think conference calls are typically my biggest anxiety - closely followed by the first day of running training courses. Or maybe go-lives with new systems.

  3. Traffic gives me anxiety too...I have a hard time trusting other drivers!

  4. Back to school commercials give me anxiety. It brings me back to those late summer/early fall days of having to go back to school... !

  5. Packing and unpacking. Doctors and dental visits. The procedure (anything with needles) and the bill at the end equally give me anxiety. Phone calls. I prefer face to face interaction.

  6. Yes to the voicemails from unknown numbers. That is the worst.

  7. Neighbor noises, especially screaming/arguing/throwing things: big one.

    The day we leave on vacation, when I wonder about everything that could go wrong while we're gone. Once we're on the road, this vanishes. So weird.

    Phone calls in general. I prefer text or email.

    Traffic on a one-lane road. I actually switched jobs recently just to avoid that situation. Give me highways.

    Being on call. I always have difficulty sleeping bc I wake up a million times in the night to check my phone. And then I dream about being called in and wake up agitated.

    Freezing rain when my commute is 50 miles one way.

    Thank you for this. Makes me feel like I'm not alone!


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