The things I like about summer

Almost everything is in boxes and I have less than a week left until I skedaddle from my old place and into the new one.  Plus I’ve been sick (which is the weirdest during the summer), so let’s look at some happy things, shall we?

Southern Bastards graphic novel series - Football, murder, and a Southern town of pissed off rednecks.  Both the art and the writing is gritty, just like I like my graphic novels.

The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories by Ken Liu - I’ve read a few books by Ken Liu but this short story collection is my favourite work of his by far.  It’s a mix between science fiction and Chinese folktales.  I’m twenty pages from finished, and I’m already dreading the end.

Tailored Sportsman breeches - This is my second pair, and I got them in the Green Horn colour.  I love how these fit and received loads of compliments the first day I wore them.  I’ve even worn these to work on Casual Friday; they’re fancier than some of the jeans I own.

Homecoming King by Hasan Minaj on Netflix - I’ve watched this stand up special by Hasan Minaj three times, once by myself, once with B, and once with my parents and sister.  It makes me laugh and cry every single time, which is what good comedy should be about.

When the Toast came back for one day - Gosh I’ve missed these ladies.  Catch up on their day of goodness here.

Pasta from La Dolda in Austin - You know you’ve got good pasta when even the pasta water is delicious.  The worst part about this pasta is that they make it and sell it in Austin only.  If you’re lucky enough to live in Austin, go to Bee Caves and pick up a few bags!

The Mazzy Show - I love this little Asian girl and her cooking show.  I love the different food she makes, how she snacks constantly while she’s cooking, and how enthusiastic and patient her parents are.  And I mainly love her because she reminds me 100% of my sister when she was two years old.

What are some of the things you’ve loved lately?


  1. I'm always looking for good new graphic novels to read so I'll have to check out your recommendation.

  2. Oh my gosh! How cute is that Mazzy Show! Really miss the kiddos being that age:) And those breeches look awesome, Rooth! Would totally wear that even though I don't ride horses:D

  3. Tailored Sportsman are my favorite breeches

  4. Nice summer post, Dear!

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  5. Ruth, are you planning on sharing pictures of your new space? I know it's not usually your thing but I'd be curious!

    Adding Homecoming King to my list!

    7% Solution

  6. Oh my goodness that pasta sounds delicious!

  7. That little girl is adorable! I discovered a pasta shop a few blocks from the main road near my work by accident but haven't yet tried their pasta. I'll have to wander in some time to see if they're any good.


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