With the abrupt change in weather and the back and forth to-ing and fro-ing of time zones, at the end of last week, my head felt quite like a spinning top, whirling round and round until it basically came clean off at the start of the weekend.  Jet lag and lack of sleep do not pair well with hot tempers and impatience and as a result, things came to a head very quickly.  I needn't go through the details, remembering them in my mind is painful enough of an experience.  Of course there are lessons learned and things taken away from it all but I'm still reeling from the impact of what happened and wondering at the necessity of the sequence of events.  So tonight I sit on my couch, licking my wounds with goldfish and Haribo and all of the ABC Family Halloween movies my television can throw at me and I'm certain that with another few nights of solid sleep, I'll be able to bounce back.  I'm also slowly crawling through my unread blog post list and I promise that I'll get to yours soon enough.  I've missed you all, even though it's really only been a week.

I'm convinced that the next time I'm in London, it would be more efficient to stay in a house like this one - The Old Clock House - instead of in a hotel with its unfamiliar traffic noises, stiff sheets, and peculiar smells.  Converted from an old 19th century brewery, there would be plenty of room for guests to stay as well, with four bedrooms and three reception rooms.  What do y'all think?  Maybe my company would give me a (substantial) advance on my salary?