This is how they remember me at my grandmother's house.  Perched atop a little brown pony with my hair flying wildly around my gigantic bobble head, made more gigantic with the addition of the helmet.  I suppose you'll always just be a kid to your parents and your grandparents.

They'll always make comments on your weight, your eating habits, your sleeping habits, your choice in clothing.

Aside: I've been here for less than 6 hours and I've already heard comments regarding all these points.  Weight - "You got fatter."  Eating habits - "Why are you only eating vegetables?  Are you a vegetarian now?"  Sleeping habits - "Sleeping at one am is not that late."  Choice of clothing - "Isn't that dress kind of see-through?"

They'll be concerned when you're tired and stressed and happy for you when you have that extra pep in your step.  When you're at home or at grandma's house, they'll want to know what you're doing, where you're going, who you're hanging out with and what time you'll be home, whether you're 13, 30 or 50.

And I have to remember that it's because you're that little girl on a pony, you've always been that little girl on a pony, not even big enough to clamber on by yourself.  Yet they're letting you ride free.  So ride free, cowgirl, and know that you've got a family to catch you if you fall.