I was planning on settling into this weekend with no plans and nothing to do.  Just me and my books.  However, after sitting down this morning with a notepad, the weekend list of to-dos started to get longer and longer and napping for two hours every afternoon quickly went out the window.  My Roothie-Do list for this weekend includes:  

1 - Sort through my library.  The piles of books everywhere are getting out of friggin' control and I'm running out of places to put them.  When I moved this past spring, my books took up two large moving boxes and we couldn't lift the boxes at all.  It's either time to cull through them or find additional storage

2 - Throw stuff out.  The photo of "Snowflake" the lamb in the fall Madewell catalogue cracks me up.  I can just hear the model asking, "You want me to do what with a lamb for this shoot?"  That being said, is everyone else's mailbox overflowing with fall fashion catalogues?  Every day I check the mail and it's stuffed like I haven't checked it for a week.  I have to throw them out.  The stacks of mail are rivaling the stacks of books

3 - Grab frozen yogurt.  All the time.  Pretty self explanatory.  Oh and is it weird that I keep all of the plastic spoons from Yogurtland?  I use them to eat cereal at home, and no, I don't have 20 of them...

4 - Make something delicious.  This green chile cheese steak kinda fits that description perfectly

5 - Catch up on Doctor Who.  I know, I know.  The new season started and I'm 1.5 seasons behind.  I still miss David Tennant but Matt Smith is starting to get entertaining.  And holy pasty-British-glory, he actually goes around with no shirt for 'The Lodger' episode (click here if you want to see), something David would never have done

6 -  Party rock.  Bobby, one of my surrogate siblings, is turning 21 this weekend!  I don't remember the last time I attended a 21st birthday celebration (holy balls, we're getting old) but we're going to make sure he remembers (or doesn't remember) this birthday weekend.  I feel bad for him already...

7 - Watch football.  I didn't get to watch last weekend so time to make up for it this weekend - HOOK EM HORNS!

Got anything on your Roothie-Do list?