I was planning on settling into this weekend with no plans and nothing to do.  Just me and my books.  However, after sitting down this morning with a notepad, the weekend list of to-dos started to get longer and longer and napping for two hours every afternoon quickly went out the window.  My Roothie-Do list for this weekend includes:  

1 - Sort through my library.  The piles of books everywhere are getting out of friggin' control and I'm running out of places to put them.  When I moved this past spring, my books took up two large moving boxes and we couldn't lift the boxes at all.  It's either time to cull through them or find additional storage

2 - Throw stuff out.  The photo of "Snowflake" the lamb in the fall Madewell catalogue cracks me up.  I can just hear the model asking, "You want me to do what with a lamb for this shoot?"  That being said, is everyone else's mailbox overflowing with fall fashion catalogues?  Every day I check the mail and it's stuffed like I haven't checked it for a week.  I have to throw them out.  The stacks of mail are rivaling the stacks of books

3 - Grab frozen yogurt.  All the time.  Pretty self explanatory.  Oh and is it weird that I keep all of the plastic spoons from Yogurtland?  I use them to eat cereal at home, and no, I don't have 20 of them...

4 - Make something delicious.  This green chile cheese steak kinda fits that description perfectly

5 - Catch up on Doctor Who.  I know, I know.  The new season started and I'm 1.5 seasons behind.  I still miss David Tennant but Matt Smith is starting to get entertaining.  And holy pasty-British-glory, he actually goes around with no shirt for 'The Lodger' episode (click here if you want to see), something David would never have done

6 -  Party rock.  Bobby, one of my surrogate siblings, is turning 21 this weekend!  I don't remember the last time I attended a 21st birthday celebration (holy balls, we're getting old) but we're going to make sure he remembers (or doesn't remember) this birthday weekend.  I feel bad for him already...

7 - Watch football.  I didn't get to watch last weekend so time to make up for it this weekend - HOOK EM HORNS!

Got anything on your Roothie-Do list?


  1. I, too, collect spoons from Yogurtland... I have about 10 or so :p I went on a yogurt eating frenzy last Spring and have kept all of the spoons for random doings in the kitch. I use it to dig out sauces out of jars, eat my cereal with, use them to hold spices with, etc.

    I like your Roothie-do list.. charming :) I hope you get all and more accomplished!

    I have a ton of books as well but I've switched to using iBooks on my phone to keep from having so much clutter. I love the feel of books but when it comes to moving, the dust and everything is insanity! :p

  2. Ah, we are very alike :) I have a Kato-do list (if fact, I use - have you ever used it? I have for years now and I'm obsessed :) ) and my weekend/house list is extensive. I even have a 'relax' list which the Pal makes fun of me about... Have a lovely weekend, Rooth! xx

  3. I'm glad to see your to-do list includes so many fun things! I did a big clean today and am going to have pizza and a movie soon. =)

  4. Ha, I sure could do some throwing stuff out and going through books, but... my list lately is severely downsized due to piling baby-related activities.

  5. I love that Madewell ad. The model is totally rockin' the lamb. Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend ahead!


  6. Yes, yes, yes, I desperately need to catch up on Doctor Who!! I am acquiring the new seasons as I type this! ^^
    And go for additional storage for your books - I would hate having to choose white books to part with.

  7. Busy bee you will be this weekend, Rooth! Hope you get to accomplish them this weekend:)
    *whisper* I need to sort out my books too.

  8. I can't decide if I feel worse for the model or the lamb. I'll be with you on 2, 4, 5 and 7. I tried making a second pina colada cake last weekend and it was a complete failure. I may have used the mixer too long. The cake didn't rise at all and tasted bad after I poured the condensed milk over it. Anyway, I'm going to try again. So hopefully I'll be making something tasty.

    I like the cutlery from Wendy's, it really comes in handy at work.

    PS - Keep Bobby safe!!! :)

  9. ha, I have no plans for the weekend. and I will make damn sure that it stays like that :)

    happy weekend xxx

  10. A very ambitious to do list! Have a great weekend! xo


  11. Holy balls indeed! A 21st birthday, that does seem like forever ago, doesn't it? To be fair though, your to do list doesn't sound all that chorey, especially as two of the items are eating something, one is watching tv, and one is going out and getting pissed. I'll tell you what though, I'll spend two days napping and doing nothing for the both of us. I'm willing to make that sacrifice, because I'm such a good blogger friend ;-) Have a fab weekend!!!

  12. This all sounds so delightful! And now, I MUST eat frozen yogurt today... thanks a whole lot, Rooth!

  13. Ugh, same thing happened to me this weekend - I had planned to spend the weekend with books, but alas, a big long to-do list emerged. Sigh, actually, I should probably get back to writing my lecture ...

  14. This has just reminded me that I have a huge to-do list sitting and collecting dust! Better get back to it! (Maybe after I grab some frozen yoghurt)!

  15. I'm pretty sure you would deserve a nap if you go through all those catalogs and your books. I just tossed a 3 foot stack of design magazines and catalogs that were driving me nutty so I know it will be a hassle but worth it after it's done.

    Happy yogurt eating!

  16. Love the Party Rock photo. :) I'm for naps. Long ones at that :)

  17. sounds like a good weekend. last week i attempted to clean and threw away a ton of store magazines that i have no business keeping. WHY. hoarder tendencies. also go horns and texans!

  18. Sounds like a very good weekend, indeed! Hopefully you got everything marked off your list!

    And I really need to start watching Dr. Who.


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