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Except for the occasional thunk of free weights from upstairs, Bobby* is so quiet you would hardly know that he's there.  I wonder if he meant for the tattoos inked all over to speak for him instead.  Bobby keeps to himself and doesn't get involved in the girls' shopping and gossiping.  In the morning, he mixes up a protein shake, works on math with Marie and then the three of them, Bobby, DeDe and Marie, plop down on the couch to watch 21 Jump Street for the 50th time in a row.  When asked to share his playlist poolside, he hesitates and tells us that doesn't typically share it for fear that people might not like it.

Post summer break, Bobby will be the only one who will be staying in Houston.  He moved to Texas for a new start and to be close to extended family, who can keep an eye on him.  Bobby has had a disruptive family life, essentially without a mother.  Details are vague but he became involved with the wrong crowd of people at his old college.  In a stilted conversation filled with many breaks and pauses, he explained to me how his frat brothers were not positive influences in his life.  When he graduates, Bobby wants to be a speech therapist and really enjoys working with children.  He'll be looking for an internship when the school year starts so he can get more exposure to teaching as well.

It's easily apparent that, despite the tats and the hard exterior, Bobby is a sensitive young man.  With a little coaxing and support, I really hope that he finds a good niche at school and here in Texas.  There are bad influences everywhere and it's foolish to think that you can outrun them.  But I am confident in the family he has here and that they will set a good example for him.

*Names have been changed.  To prevent embarrassment to others.  Plus they don't know that I'm blogging about them.  Shh!