It has been raining in Houston for a straight week already.  And it's not expected to stop for another week.  Instead of caving to the gloomy weather, I've taken advantage of the cooler temperatures and gone running outside in the rain almost every morning.  I've watched mushrooms sprout along the running trail and then turn brown and die because of too much rain.  The roadside drainage ditches have been turning into miniature rivers and the bayous are past flooding levels.  Areas that were drought-ridden last year are now flooding - oh Texas weather, fickle creature that you are.

Despite avoiding cabin fever, I've been feeling the effects of vitamin D deficiency.  It seems that no matter how much caffeine I consume, I always feel sleepy in the afternoons.  Searching for high octane music and videos on the interwebs tends to help.  If you like cars or just seeing a driver unbelievably rip through and shred the hills in San Francisco, you'll enjoy the below video by DC Shoes and Ken Block.  Ken Block, a professional rally driver, drifts (as in Tokyo drift) through San Francisco in his 600+ HP Ford Fiesta and makes you catch your breath with the completely insane stunts he performs.

I was particularly amused with the table top jump that Ken Block performs on Russian Hill as it is right by my buddy's home.  And I would never ever consider driving on that hill the way that Ken does.