Insta-food!  This week was a little crazy food-wise with the Fourth of July thrown into the mix.  We may or may not have gone a little overboard at the cheese counter and ended up with some mild but complex Dutch farmer's cheese and a bottle of French red wine.  The bananas that I bought last week went intentionally bad, allowing me to make mini banana muffins.  I love that you can make something utterly delicious out of expired fruit - banana bread and banana muffins are pretty much the only reason I buy bananas.  And for the Fourth, we grilled homemade jalapeno poppers.  I was in charge of slicing and de-seeding the jalapenos and foolishly forgot to wear gloves.  Suffice it to say, putting in my contacts has been painful for the past two days.  And how much more fatty can you get, stuffing something with cream cheese and then wrapping it in bacon?  The smiley gummies really need no explanation - I love sour gummies and could eat them by the pound.

Did you eat anything tasty this week?