The sun was peeking out from behind the skies, giving us all a brief reprieve.  Which is going to be all we will be able to cling on to for the next week, as it's forecasted to continue raining for the next week.

I'd like to be enjoying the pitter-pattering of rain from this French-styled home, with its comfortably cushy furnishings and soothing colour palette.  The colour scheme is bright yet muted, although not muted enough to be in that pastel range.  I'm particularly favouring the yellow and white plaid rug in the family room.  I know how much you all love wooden beams and there are plenty of those throughout the home - above doorways and the stove in the kitchen.  Also, can I say enough about the floor in the kitchen?

There's a droplet of a teeny tiny pool outside, really only enough to dip your feet into and sit along the sides with your friends and a glass of wine.  But that's all you really need, right?