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And now, finally, is how the entire family ties together.  You've met this kids of the summer, now meet the adults (I'm using the term "adults" very lightly)...

Bert*'s new home is the frat house in which the entire gang is camped.  His younger brother Ernie* is visiting for the summer from San Francisco.  The brothers and I go way back.  I first met Bert in an advanced math class when I was in middle school, even though he is a few years older than me (I know, I know, super dork).  Ernie and I are the same age, and the three of us went to high school and college together, becoming close friends during our years in Austin.

Bert, Ernie, Marie, DeDe and Bobby are all cousins, related through Bert & Ernie's parents (I loved typing that).  Bert and Ernie are the acting parents of this particular household.  Bert plays the role of the stern yet goofy dad and, instead of being the mom, Ernie has embraced the role of the slightly crazed, tipsy uncle that would always slip you some cash or sneak you a beer or ice cream bar.

Bert's house is also my non-home office or where I can work when I'm tired of sitting around my apartment by my lonesome.  The past few weeks, I've been making the family lunch and sometimes dinner, tidying up around the place and shuttling them around to different shopping centers - earning me the title of Auntie Rooth.  They treat me like part of their family, tagging me on Facebook and texting me randomly to ask when I'm going to come over and hang out on the weekends.

It has been hilarious, crowded and crazy but always an adventure at the frat house this summer and I feel lucky and blessed to be a part of this "family."

*Names have been changed.  To prevent embarrassment to others.  Plus they don't know that I'm blogging about them.  Shh!