I love to share houses with beautiful outdoor living spaces - expansive yards, brimming landscaping, turquoise pools and grills, bars, pizza ovens, etc.  However, today's home is quite different because there are practically no outdoor spaces - a sidewalk front yard and an enclosed atrium are all that you are going to find with this home.  The house's current furnishings and decorations are very much two-toned - black and white.  I would say that throughout the entire home it's a little much, but in just one room, like the dining room, I'm a big fan.  A gleaming white kitchen like the one below is dreamy for a non-chef but with someone who ends up spattering and spraying cooking oil and whatever sauces all over the tiles and counters, I'd have to constantly be cleaning.  And who wants to do that?

How do you feel about a home like this?