Does "aggressively reading" count as a type of behavior?  Because that would perfectly define mine recently.  That means neglecting sleep, social interactions and calling my mom and getting wrapped up in the over-exaggerated and sometimes-scandalous life of Roald Dahl in his authorized biography.  Or the always scandalous and glamorous life of Sean Wilsey's mother in Oh the Glory of it All.  My life pales in comparison and I wonder if I truly did live.  Affairs and prolific amounts of step-children - where are/were these people in my life?  Is this something that you only read about in books and see in movies and tv shows?

Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City is a must read for anyone who has spent time in the Bay Area.  It is so incredible that so much of San Francisco has not changed (down to the flocks of parrots that fly around Russian Hill) and yet so much of it has.  To be in the Bay Area in the 1970s, oh the tales you would tell.  And The Postmortal, a modern spin on living forever and what that could potentially mean - not only psychologically but to society as well.

I've been able to find some quite excellent reads this summer and can't wait to bring you all the fourth installment, which I'm working on currently.  Happy July to all!