I'd like to proclaim a loud "Ahh Balls!" to this past weekend.  In the wee hours of Saturday morning, I woke up itching and scratching all over.  My neck, back, ankles were crawling with the sensation and I felt like I had to scratch everywhere at once.  I turned on the lights and found out I was covered in hives.  ::Shudder::  I've been dosing myself with Benadryl for the past two days and at this point, they've subsided, only covering parts of my arms and lower back.  I haven't eaten anything out of  the ordinary in the past few days so I'm not quite sure to what it's a reaction.  Meanwhile, I'll just try and distract myself with virtual house hunting.

The pale blue home below caught my eye because it looks like it came straight out of a movie set.  Picture perfect landscaping complete with white picket fence.  I mean, who actually cares what the inside of the house looks like when you've got a porch like this?  And if you fancy a bit of gardening, check out the side yard.  Or if grilling or cooking outside is your cup 'o tea, then feel free to gather near the outside kitchen complete with fireplace.  When it gets too hot, relax with an iced tea in the shaded side porch or plop into the tiny wading pool with a frozen margarita.  ::Stress fades::
PS - I must be in a blue period because the last home I posted about was a bright blue