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Remember way back in May when I had been daydreaming about a teenage summer?  Well somehow the summer gods heard me and have responded in the most ironic of ways.  This month I've been spending a significant amount of time with my new surrogate family (this will be explained in another blog post), three of whom are within the awkward age range of 18 and 20. 

I say awkward not because they are socially inept or in that uncomfortable teenage stage where one's physical features are all growing at different rates from each other.  But awkward because they are college age but can't legally drink.

Hoping to provide them with a strong-like-bull moral compass and also set a good example, the three of us legal adults have refrained from imbibing adult beverages around them and visiting adult watering holes.  Instead we've been attempting to promote non-drinking activities on the weekend.  Which, with our stunted imaginations, has amounted to just watching lots of movies on Netflix.  Oh, and playing "water" pong.  With the weather lately being a combination of hot, steamy and stormy, even lounging around poolside has been struck off our short, unimaginative list of things to do.

No doubt if they were hanging out with friends of their own age, they would be participating in activities that neither I nor their parents would want to know about.  Two of them are at Greek organizations at their respective colleges.  But because they're stuck with us and under our watch, they are restricted to shopping, eating and napping.  And on Friday nights, we all gather around the telly and watch something terrible like Eat, Pray, Love (have you ever seen so much crying in one movie??).

They're too cool to want to do things like go to the zoo, go bowling or play board games with us but not comfortable enough in their own skin to think it's cool to sit around at home on the weekend.  So what does one do at this awkward age*?  Is it really as dull as they make it out to be and is drinking really the only social activity that I do?

*Before you go throwing out suggestions willy-nilly, remember that I will most likely have to participate in these activities as well.  Magic Mike is off the list of suggested activities...