I've got white dresses on the brain (non-wedding white dresses - let's not get carried away here), which isn't too unusual seeing as to how it's the middle of summer.  However, what's surprising is the scant number of white dresses in my closet, particularly compared to the number of white t-shirts I own.  I have one white swimsuit cover up dress thingy and that's it.  Given my history with bleeding feet, orange body paint and smearing things with Nutella on accident, it's probably not a bad decision not to buy and rock the summer whites but I'd like to think maybe this is the summer I'll grow up and gain some coordination.  Or just buy a ton of bleach.

Which is your favourite dress and which dress do you think I should get?

Listed from left to right, top to bottom:
...Swim cover up a la NastyGal
...Swim cover up a la Madewell
...Lace dress a la NastyGal
...T shirt dress a la Shopbop
...Crochet tank dress a la NastyGal