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DeDe* is a bubbly bottle of champagne, full of energy, spunk and smiles.  She's sorority girl at a university in Virginia and in love with shopping, going out and more shopping.  Despite her supposed concern with dieting, she's a little mouse, sneaking pieces of cheese out of the refrigerator at every opportunity.  DeDe melts cheese on practically everything - fried rice, hummus and pita chips, etc.  At heart, she's a momma's gal - everything is carefully scrutinized by her mother.  If momma doesn't approve of her new clothes, DeDe will say it's borrowed from a friend and flounce out of the room.

DeDe and Marie spent all of yesterday afternoon huddled around my nail polish collection, painting their nails in dots, swirls and stripes.  They casually hung around my desk, waiting for an invitation to watch Magic Mike.  Eventually they gave up and went to raid the fridge for more cheese and ice cream.  I won't deny it, it has been hilarious having two "little sisters" to hang out with this summer.

This weekend I'm at my parents' home.  Yes, I drove halfway across the state to run away from the rain - thank goodness it's sunny here.  Hope you guys have a great one and catch some rays for me!

*Names have been changed.  To prevent embarrassment to others.  Plus they don't know that I'm blogging about them.  Shh!