Fooled again!  I really actually believed you guys.  All your blog posts and Instagram pictures of cute sweaters, knee high leather boots and pumpkin spice lattes / cakes / candles / bath soaps / toothpaste / deodorant convinced me that it was fall.  That I'd open the windows and a crisp breeze would whisk all humidity out of my house and I'd have to snuggle up with a wool blanket and steaming cup of tea.  That I'd have to wear a light jacket at night and pull the comforter up tightly under my chin at bedtime.  With all that in mind, I headed out to the countryside this morning to ride, without even applying sunscreen.  I didn't even look twice at my dri-fit sleeveless tops and had already mentally relegated them to the back of my closet.  I could not have been more wrong.  By the time I got out there at 10:30 am, it was already creeping into the mid-80s and sweat started trickling down my back at around noon.  Both the horse and I ended the afternoon dripping sweat and scrambling for any bit of shade we could find.  96 degrees Fahrenheit boys and girls - I'm such a sucker.

So in celebration of this faux fall, here's a farmhouse that you can tour without breaking a sweat, complete with pool for those fall sunbathing sessions that are so popular here in Texas (because let's face it, fall here is just everyone else's summer weather).