You don't get to my age and attend as many weddings as I do without hearing more than your fair share of 1980s' and Beatles' cover bands and a wide assortment of wedding singers.  Typically you groan, inwardly, and wish they would stop wailing into the microphone and let you plug in your iPod.  However, I cannot WAIT to compare my past experiences to the performer that has been scheduled for my grandparents' monster birthday bash next weekend.  I got a sneak preview from my cousin last week, who told me this particular gentleman is a "famous" Asian singer / entertainer and also leans toward the ancient side (appropriate as my grandparents will be turning 90).  Sounds like a ringing endorsement if I've ever heard one.

Famous to the over-75 Asian population in the Southern California region?  Check.
Croons old Chinese songs that no one except the above group will recognize or understand?  Check.
Dead certainty of a tambourine appearance at some point?  Check.

I'm literally bursting with questions.  What will he be wearing, formal wear or costumes?  Is he going to have on stage makeup?  Will there be back up singers?  Is he emceeing the evening as well and how many family members will embarrass themselves by trying to go onstage and sing with him?  Can I request "Call Me Maybe" or "Boyfriend"?

So, as excited as I am to see my extended family, I am truthfully anticipating the entertainment for the birthday party the most.  This is going to be way better than a stripper jumping out of a cake.