Thank you all for your kind words with regards to my previous post.  I appreciate the encouragement that each of you offered and the support for the "real life" challenges that we all encounter.

Now for the celebration!  This Sunday, September 30th is the Mid-Autumn or Moon Festival and is quite the opportunity for dinner parties and eating mooncake with family and friends.  There are many stories that my parents used to share with me and my sister when we were kids, all revolving around the moon (you can find many of these online).  But my favourite tradition that Siri and I clearly made up was, as kids, going out into the middle of our cul-de-sac in Texas underneath the bright autumn moon and doing our own rendition of a moon dance.  Our neighbors probably thought we were insane but quite honestly, we were probably just all hopped up on sugar from eating way too many mooncakes.  Maybe we'll choose to reenact our dance this weekend.

What will you do to celebrate the harvest moon this weekend?

Beautiful mooncakes (with recipe)
Moon Fox by Sergey Safonov
Moon ladder (Chinese character for "moon")
Full Moon Oil & Vinegar
Moon & Stars stationery via etsy
Moon tattoo