Isn't it wonderful when our younger siblings start to grow up and come into their own?  My hurricane-of-a-sister Siri was here last week for a short visit, the tail end of a business trip.  She's been a working stiff for two years and it's hard to think that I'm that old now.  While she was here, she treated me to dinner at a new restaurant in town called Local Foods that serves gourmet sandwiches and salads from locally sourced ingredients.  Not only am I proud of her choosing a more granola-type restaurant but also of her meal selection - the truffled egg salad sandwich.  Not that Siri has ever been a picky eater, but both of us have an aversion to mayonnaise in any quantity.  My sister not only ate her sandwich with great aplomb but she finished the entire dang thing, which must have contained at least four hard boiled eggs.  And then she spent the next two hours clutching her stomach, complaining that she was going to burst.  So maybe my pride is a little misguided.

Note: The infamous egg sandwich isn't pictured here but my surprisingly filling and crunch worthy tofu salad is - gorgeous, right?