Yea or Nahh? October 2014 Edition

Bikinis in fall: Last week, on a particularly bright and hot afternoon, there was a bikini photo shoot outside my office window.  Not to confuse anyone, my office overlooks the high-rise apartment complex next door and is eye level with its two infinity pools.  The model, well, she might as well not have been wearing anything, such was the coverage of her swimsuits.  If we were to plot visitors to my office on a line chart, we would have most definitely seen a spike that day (and the following one, wishful thinking by some young men).

Changing of the seasons: Over the weekend, we had some blustery, cooler weather blow in, along with some rain showers that merited breakout out the over-the-knee knit socks and Hunter rain boots.  Although I don’t much look forward to fall, at least it introduces some variety to the days.  “No news is good news” is how the saying goes but also makes for a very dull, unexciting and vanilla fall.  At least we can look forward to…

Boots!: I have a disease; my boot collection is more expansive than a Southern girl’s has any right to be.  Riding boots (real riding boots), combat boots, cowboy boots, rain boots, snow boots, seriously what gives?  Maybe it’s some defense mechanism about my feet.  Or the hardiness of that particular type of footwear.  Or I just don’t like cold toes.  I’ve got another pair arriving in the post today.  After this, I’m cut off, right?

Pumpkin everything: I might have made up for all of the cooking that I’ve neglected for the past few weekends and pumpkined everything on Saturday.  Pumpkin and kale lasagna and pumpkin coffee crumb cake (recipe to come later).  Oh and maybe a few pumpkin spice lattes in between.  You know what the overwhelming response to that was?  MOAR!

My new thing called Pinterest: So I’m about 5,000 years late to the party that is Pinterest.  It’s like showing up after the party is in full swing and discovering that everyone’s dance card is full (Clearly this isn’t really still a thing, is it?  Dance cards?).  I’ve consciously cut myself off from burning more than a few hours on this thing; I need a new internet addiction like I need a new pair of boots.  Okay, maybe not the best simile to use.

Manners are underrated: Mini rant - What flipping gives, guys?  What happened to good, old-fashioned manners?  Please and thank you.  Walking a girl to her car.  Or calling or texting someone back when you’ve made plans to do something together on a certain day / time on the weekend and letting them know that you’ve changed your mind / canceled / come down with the flu / moved away to Antigua.  Grow a fudging pair and if rejection is on the menu, don’t be afraid to serve it up.  You all know I hate waiting but you know what I hate more?  Waiting for other people to “man up.”

So what are you Yea or Nahh about this fall?


  1. Aha, your first point reminds me of Top Model, when Tyra always made the girls pose in bikinis in the middle of winter, and she swore all winter shoots were done in the sweltering heat. It seems like she might have been half-right?
    Also: yay! Welcome to Pinterest! I'll have to find you and follow your boards. :) xo

  2. Nay to the bikinis and yay to everything else--especially manners. Walking a girl to her car, to her door. When leaving a parking lot at the same time as a friend/co-worker, you wait until his/her car is started before leaving yourself. Little things. Little things that show some consideration for others. It's not too much to ask.

    For me, nay to having a 4-day fever and yay to upgrading the fleet. lol

  3. Bikinis in fall? Hell no! I love boots so much, cannot wait to do some boots shopping soon. I already have too many but you know...there is always something missing.

  4. wow, cold just thinking about it haha, I don't actually much like the taste of pumpkin, more the idea of it! Yeah, I have a few pairs of boots too. So does Mr D.

  5. Big yay to the boots! You can never have enough boots, gurl! :D And yeah...I understand the bikini is for a shoot, but still....swim suits should cover up more than the...ahem....

  6. Yeah, boots are hard to pass. It's not even normal fall here (we're in the most boring climate, could at least have consistent weather, but nah) and I've already got three new pairs of boots, so I feel you on that one.

  7. I had my first psl today this season. It was well worth the wait! I am with you on the boots! I think I'm going to buy some this week. Well, this weekend. Ha.

  8. I'm over the heat in CA (still) and all YEAH about my current job! I share your love of boots :D

  9. lol, brilliant. i love boots too. and pumpkins. and news. I'm bored. I'm so bored. but you know that already xo

  10. Yes to everything {except maybe the latte thing}, the bikinis in the cold is funny but I guess not for the models.

    Is the manners thing something new or from the last time?

  11. I stopped using Pinterest and then crocheting and knitting happened so I'm back on it again! So addicting :) and boots. I am slowly getting into the craving and wanting of so many different boots. @.@

  12. I do love me a good boot . . . and pumpkins . . . and Pinterest . . .

    But I don't really love bad manners. It's pretty common place here in Idaho. I'm not sure what it is, but I can't tell you the times a guy has rushed past me . . . so he can get through the door first and let it slam in my face. :)

    Still, I hold out hope for the future. I had a wee fellow open the door at a store the other day. So cute; and so much more of a man than many three times his age.


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