Having been established in my apartment for two years now (eeps), I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’ve turned the blank canvas that it was for such a long time into a home.  It’s true what they say about seeing something every day; you aren’t able to appreciate your progress until you hear good things from others.  When my friends dropped Finny and his overnight bag at my apartment, they remarked upon how nice my place was, which took me back a bit.  Admittedly, I still have my twinkly Christmas lights still up, which give it a nice festive flair - not sure if I’m going to take those down this year.  To me, my apartment is just home and the cave that I run away to when everything/one else gets too overwhelming.  And there are also those few improvements that I’ve continued to delay.

Such as that area rug that I've been talking about buying for the entire time I've been here.  Pretty sure my mom asks me every week whether or not I've purchased one.  There is nothing wrong with rugs that I’ve seen, either in store or online, except that they are all pricey and it feels like such a permanent decision (if I ever have to choose carpet, I’ll be in trouble).  The colour, the pattern, the size - too many decisions!

I have also been putting off buying a humidifier.  I’ve been waking up feeling like death with a sore, dry throat, exacerbated with the heat running because it’s been frigid outside.  Part of it is denial that I’m an old lady and need a humidifier to sleep and wake up comfortably and part of it also that all of the humidifiers I’ve looked at are ugly as sin and remind me of my childhood and bloody noses.  I welcome all beautiful (and effective) humidifier suggestions.

Honestly, to me those are not fun things to buy.  Case in point, I just bought a very nice onesie with the money I could have been saving toward a good quality rug.  Don’t even get me started on looking at drapes.  And seeing how it’s taken me two years to fill my apartment with things, I don’t think the additional space from buying and moving into a house is necessary.  It would most likely take me another decade to fill up the place and not make it feel like a tomb.  But maybe if the house was small enough, like the mid-century remodeled house featured this week at under 2,000 square feet.  And even if I couldn't fill it up with furniture, I'd work really hard at filling up that closet with lots of shoes.  And more shoes.  And then I'd use the additional closet space for my bookshelf overflow that I'm bound to have.