Whether it was racing down powdery slopes, face planting in a snow bank, or relaxing by a raging fireplace with an ice cold beer, I quickly realized that the recurring theme behind my ski vacation a few weeks ago was that I need to take more vacation.  The last (and only) trip I took in 2014 was to visit Siri in Portland, which also made me recognize how imbalanced my life had become in the past year.  Don't get me wrong, I had a blast visiting PDX and my sister.  It's just that last year, my life became much more defined by others as sister, daughter, caretaker, as it sometimes must.  Even the break from Ryon, which I'm always hesitant to take, was necessary as we were both starting to grate on each other, feeding off of one another's negative energy.

The trip to Utah served as a mental reset.  It wasn't a family trip based on someone's health condition.  It wasn't a work trip that had me running here and there and suiting up to meet with Tom, Dick, and Harry.  It was quiet and cold and snowing and all those zen-like feelings you get from being perched atop a mountain.  And speaking of the mountains, they will always remind me of how minuscule I really am, how we only try to survive and thrive at the whims of nature, and how eons will pass and those snow peaked mammoths will endure, cold and silent.  As an added bonus, laughter, shenanigans, and hot and cold alcoholic beverages served slope-side accompanied by the warmth of friends served as a balm to my soul that I didn't even know I needed up to that point.

I will endeavor to remember this lesson better in 2015 (y'all hold me to it) and recognize when I need to take a deep breath and a step back, to enjoy myself and the ride, and to reset.