And straight away into March we gallop.  Which I still can’t believe, particularly when it’s in the mid-30s and we have freezing rain / sleet tonight and tomorrow morning.  Winter is hitting Texas (and the rest of the country, I’m sure) with a POW and doesn’t show signs of letting up.  Last week, while I was frolicking on the ski slopes in Utah, Dallas had its own freak snowstorm that snarled up the highways and made the overpasses and bridges into gigantic slip and slides.  I’ll admit, I didn’t regret missing the Texas snowstorm in lieu of a roaring fire and a warm hand to hold after a long day on skis in Park City.

With all the travel that I’ve been doing in February, I’ve had less time to spend at the barn this month, which is probably a good thing as the horses have been acting up with the extended cold spell.  They’re growing tired of being cooped up in their stalls and their blankets rubbing on their shoulders and backs - who can blame them as we feel the same with our bulky puffy jackets and scarves that have long outgrown their novelty.  This past weekend, Ryon nailed our groom on the thigh with a well-aimed kick whilst heading back to his stall for dinnertime and will now be led everywhere with a chain over his nose, as one does with young racehorses.  He’s always been so food motivated that his eagerness to get to his food bowl does not surprise me much but his aggression toward people does, particularly those who he is familiar and accustomed to.  Ryon’s never acted aggressive or mean toward me, but I’ve heard multiple stories about how he’s kicked out at others in the barn.  Luckily, no one has gotten seriously injured but the possibility is there especially as large as he is, hence the chain on the nose.

For now, we’re all just focused on staying warm and dry and staying away from Ryon’s hind end.  If we can manage to do those two things, I think we’ll hit springtime just fine.