Dallas Sunday morning sunrise

I’m ignoring all the things this morning.

I’m ignoring the impending fall work / travel schedule, as well as the PR segment that I’m filming for the local paper later this week.  I’m paying no attention to the farrier bill for Ryon resting underneath my elbow and the gigantic one from the vet that’s on its way toward me via post.  I’m not even going to give another ounce of worry to the white hair that I found in my hairbrush.

Instead I’m focusing on this pale Sunday morning.  I’m curled up on the living room floor with ice coffee and soaking in the early morning light streaming in the wall of windows.  There’s a miscellaneous acoustic jam playing softly in the background, too indistinctly for me to make out any words.  I wiped down the furniture with almond wood polish the previous evening and a hint of the almond scent still lingers in the air.  I suppose this is what they mean when they say to relax and enjoy the moment.  The moment is soft, quiet, and calm.  I could be the only person awake in the world.  If this morning was a colour, it’d be a light peach with glowing gold tinges at the edges.

In another moment, the planes overhead will roar and the rest of the city sounds will break the silence.  The A/C will stutter to life, and a dog across the hall will start screaming bloody murder.  Text messages and emails will ping across, and the Twitterverse will be awash with the current events of the world, both good and bad.

I’ll be capturing this moment in a glass cloche and placing it on a shelf in my mind.  And then in the midst of everyday cacophony, filled with trivial frenzy and madness, I’ll pull it down and take a deep, deep breath of this Sunday morning.