It’s getting closer to the season of ghosts and ghouls and yadda yadda yadda - all the scary-things and spooky-stuffs.  I tell you what, if you want real horrors that will make you shudder, you only need to look as far as your everyday life.  Take mine for example...

Horrifying things of late:
  • The mouth-feel from biting into a piece of half-frozen sushi.  Sashimi shouldn’t crunch.  The bits of ice typically welcome in slushies and other frozen assortments are heinous here.  Serves me right for buying grocery store sushi (PSA - don’t buy grocery store sushi).

  • The Children of Costco. They have the same dead-eye stare as the Children of the Corn (kissing cousins?), and they seem to always be in some state of distress or undress.  The pained look on their faces scream “We’ve been here for the last five hours and can we go home now mom?!” or “I want to eat all the brownie samples and the big people won’t let me!”

  • The number of weekends left until Thanksgiving.  SIX!  Count ‘em folks.  Which means the time to panic is now.  I haven’t thought about what I’m going to do about the table scape this year or the rest of the menu (minus the pie part).  Speaking of pie, raise your hands if you’ve been eating too many of them lately.  Just me huh?  Whoops.  Oh and PS - there are only TEN Fridays left until Christmas.  So if that doesn’t give you night terrors, I don’t know what will.

  • The milky-fleshed, red-eyed, bald man who always seems to be lurking right out of the corner of my eye.  Or behind that door or outside my shower curtain.  This might be a possible side effect of the horror films / trailers that I’ve seen lately, combined with haunting pictures of Jared Leto made up as the Joker, which have been seared into my memory.

  • The never ending darkness.  By that I mean, of course, the shorter days and lack of sunlight out when I go to work in the mornings and when I get home in the evenings.  It’s depressing and draining but at least kind of cooler.  Good thing the days are only going to get shorter, right?

Now that I’ve sufficiently listed out all of my living nightmares, what’s keeping you up at night?