As y’all know, I look at a ton of houses (the number of Hey Homey posts is almost up to 150) on the daily and this is by far the ugliest house I have ever seen.  I don’t even know how I decided to click on it amidst the hundreds of real estate listings.  Maybe the antiquated awnings?  Or fate.  Probably fate.

The inside of this house is like a time capsule.  It’s as though someone sealed up the home 50 years ago and opened it up around a week ago.  For what it is, this house is pristine.  I think, actually I know, all of the original elements have been maintained, from the wallpaper to the carpet.  And even in its unbelievable ugliness, I couldn’t help but keep coming back to look at this house.  The colour combinations in each room and the design elements are so horrid as to be charming, if not only to make me wonder and marvel at what possessed someone to make those original decisions and also keep it that way for the last 50+ years.  The breakfast nook might be my favourite room out of all of them because wallpaper.  And can someone tell me what that floor is?  Is that carpet?   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

PS - This house is going for over half a mil.  Just thought you ought to know.